Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boosting Neil Gorsuch

Neither the mouse nor the corporation is a human.
Do god and Paper Citizens we call corporations have human rights?  
A staunch warrior for the dogma of corporate Paper Citizens and everything libertarian and god and trickle down justice, Neil Gorsuch is soon be inserted into our Supreme Court.  

The other never ending booster of corporate Paper Citizens, Justice Antonin Scalia is long gone.  Scalia enjoyed gunshot killing small animals and hanging out in five star hotels on the tabs of the big money owners of corporate Paper Citizens.  As solemnly promised to all the god and libertarian cults last fall, the Trump White House PR Hive worked successfully on to install Neil Gorsuch as a great and biblical replacement.  The other day the White House PR Hive proclaimed that Scalia was not recognized for legal scholarship like the precisely positioned Chief Justice Roberts.  But here now is a sterling silver-haired medallion for the best of the best libertarian and god judicial savants, Neil Gorsuch.  
Since the Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific decision of 1886 our nation's highest court has continuously affirmed the idea of "Corporate Personhood" or corporate Paper Citizenship.  In addition to recognition by the Supreme Court, a corporate Paper Citizen must be dutifully registered and birthed by the federal and state tax codes.  Libertarian and religious judges believe in the idea that a corporate Paper Citizen exists and thereby it must have a certain kind of right to life in court almost like a human.  Perhaps Neil Gorsuch knows this with the same deep rapture with which he imagines god and Jesus during his prayers.  Corporate Paper Citizens are secure in the codices of our common law America.  And as a sacred public relations promise a big corporate Paper Citizen will allow justice and wealth to trickle down to the little humans in America.  

Antonin Scalia and others on the court handed down the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 558 U.S. 310 (2010) giving corporate Paper Citizens the untouchable right to spend as much money in our elections as they wish.  Even worse any Paper Citizen can go and buy secretly thousands of hours of TV and Internet commercials for their favorite candidate.  Because of it's mockery of fair play in our elections the Citizens United ruling has been compared to the ethical horror of the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 that reaffirmed slaves as property with no rights as citizens of the United States. 

Antonin Scalia lived a very good life as a human
because he devoutly respected the canons of Paper Citizens. 
A devout promise of trickle down justice and wealth by Paper Citizens is what Neil Gorsuch will extend for a few more decades on our Supreme Court.  Yes, the rancid inviolate secrecy for bags of money in our elections is un-American and unethical.  It may be time for those corporate Paper Citizens, those corporations, to register to vote at the booth and to come out of the Super PAC closets and do their duty as new Paper Citizens of the USA.  Called up and anointed by the White House, Neil Gorsuch's primary mission is to secure even more power on paper for any corporation that votes with their bags of libertarian and god money.  That money is the utmost power in our elections is an American tradition.  Sadly, those corrupting bags of money inflate the power of the Paper Citizens.  Corporate Paper Citizens can and do dishonor human rights with their bags of money.  A regular citizen is not as equal as a Paper Citizen in our USA. 
As an additional travesty of our democracy, the personal Neil Gorsuch is a John Birch Society Member.  Dead-Eye Dick Cheney is a card carrying member.  Papa Fred Koch of Koch Industries founded the John Birch Society.  In the Civil Rights days of the old south 1960s everyone knew that if you scratch a Bircher in a suit and tie you'll find the dark rotten blood of a Klu Klux Klansman in a white sheet.  Here's some ungodly lies on this poster from the Birchers that was circulated with Koch money around Dallas November 1963.  

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