Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Tapestry of Corruption: FBI Director James Comey and Exxon Mobil CEO Rex W. Tillerson and Russia.

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex W. Tillerson Meets with Vladimir Putin 2012
Tillerson was awarded Russian Order of Friendship Medal
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The Order of Friendship Medal
Russian Federation
This is a complex tapestry of intertwined political corruption in the United States and in the Russian Federation.  So let's follow the chain of facts and see where they lead us. It is now known that the Russians were hacking into some of the voting data for the Presidential Election of the USA this past November. What was done by the Russians with the data is not known for sure. FBI Director James Comey knew about the Russian corruption and hacking, but he kept it secret.  Apparently US Senate leader Mitch McConnell also knew of the Russian hacking. Prior to the November voting, not one reporter in any news media anywhere mentioned that FBI Director James Comey was a lawyer for the failed US Senate republican investigation into Hillary Clinton's real estate legal work in Arkansas 1996 known as the Whitewater Committee. Nothing unethical or illegal was found by the Committee after thousands of hours and millions of dollars of failed investigation just like the recent waste of money on the Benghazi murders. So FBI Director James Comey was "investigating" Hillary Clinton for more than twenty years. But FBI Director James Comey took the risk of committing a criminal violation of the Hatch Act when he went public with the old/new/Weiner emails.  So all you reporters out there, answer me this. Who got to FBI Director James Comey and with what? It looks like FBI Director James Comey may even be a mole for the Republican National Committee.  
Now look at the Republican nominee for Secretary of State, Rex W. Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil the biggest American oil company. In 2012 Tillerson travelled to Moscow for a meet with Valdimir Putin, now the Russian President for his third term. The Russian connection is important because of Putin's family business in Russian oil and gas companies like Gazprom and Rosneft.  One thing to note here is the non-profit Putin Consulting Ltd. founded by Roman Putin, Vladimir's cousin and like his dear Uncle, once a KGB agent. Putin Consulting Ltd. promises businesses "special protection" while operating in Russia. Western investors do need advice navigating the sometimes arcane Russian business rules and practices. Even though it is non-profit, Putin Consulting Ltd. through Roman Putin owns an island in the Bahamas, vineyards in Napa Valley, California, other properties in Russia, a villa in London, UK, and a US$90 million yacht in Monaco. Vladimir Putin's personal wealth is unknown for sure, but has been estimated at US$ 40 billion. Even though his personal worth is less than Putin's, Tillerson as Exxon Mobil CEO controls about US$400 billion in assets.

Only on news shows this morning have reporters mentioned that in 2013 Tillerson returned to Russia and he was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship Medal by Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Not one reporter in any news media anywhere has mentioned that another historic person who got a Medal like that was a Cold War mole, George Blake (born George Behar November 11, 1922), the former British spy who worked as a double agent for the Soviet Union. Blake was discovered in 1961 and sentenced to 42 years in prison. Somehow Blake escaped from Wormwood Scrubs prison in 1966 and safely fled to Russia, then the USSR. Another winner of note was Milorad Dodik, President of the Serbian Republic. In March 2016, Dodik named a student dormitory in Pale in honor of the wartime Serb leader Radovan Karadžić. The event took place only a few days before Karadžić was convicted for genocide, other war crimes and sex slavery by International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.  

Only this morning have reporters mentioned that the actual reason for Russia getting in the middle of our election may be the economic sanctions we have in place because of Putin's Crimean take-over and Putin's invasion and continuing military operations in the Eastern Ukraine. If Putin can get those sanctions lifted then he and Tillerson can go forward on at least two separate deals with Tillerson and Exxon Mobil for drilling in the Russian Arctic and Exxon Neftegas Limited gas wells on Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East.  

Not one reporter in any news media anywhere has mentioned that FBI Director James Comey wrote a sympathetic senior thesis paper on televangelist Jerry Falwell. Not one reporter in any news media anywhere has mentioned that maybe FBI Director James Comey was infused with Scalia law at the University of Chicago, the fountainhead for both trickle down justice and trickle down economics.  Not one reporter in any news media anywhere has mentioned that FBI Director James Comey was on the Board of Directors for HSBC Holdings PLC until July 2013. HSBC was founded in Hong Kong in 1865 to service the British opium trade. Not one reporter in any news media anywhere has mentioned that until early 2013 HSBC Holdings was under investigation for money laundering for drug smuggling operations in Mexico and aiding countries like Iran and Sudan and North Korea to evade economic sanctions. HSBC was simply carrying on the highly profitable traditions of their founders.

So our tapestry displays patterns of giant oil companies and giant banking companies. The tapestry is not transparent. The tapestry is woven with very dark threads of corruption. These threads need to be unraveled to see the truth. 

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FBI Director, James Comey

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