Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why A Son of the South Votes for Obama

My Father Huland Pitts's Navy supply ship 
USS Yancey in the South Pacific 1944

Photo by my Uncle Howard Pitts from his B24 
as heroic wing mates are hit by Nazi flack over Europe 1944

My Dearest Uncle Howard, 

The photos are placed here to honor your Brother Huland's and your war service to our nation in both the Pacific and in Europe. Our Southern family will never forget that service. Remember I am a son of the South, and I was raised in the best traditions of my region by a family that endured many troubles and challenges and problems including divorce and serious illness. My family got through it all bravely retaining some measure of dignity. As a result of my grandfather's work for the Federal government, and my grandmother's work for the Tennessee State government, and my mother's childcare and home help, we were able to survive and even prosper as a family. That prosperity allowed me to graduate college at a great Southern institution, Tulane University, in New Orleans. Later that education brought me a career that has carried me across the planet and introduced me to incredible people and ideas rarely considered in my Southern homeland. I am deeply reverent and thankful for those amazing opportunities.  

I am going to vote for President Obama. 

One sure reason I am going to vote for President Obama is to make amends in some small way for my ancestors's treatment of black people over the past two hundred years. All Southern white people and our ancestors have been part of this:  We shipped black people in from Africa. We enslaved them. We bred with them. We fought and lost an unbelievably cruel and horribly murderous civil war to keep them enslaved. Then we disenfranchised them from voting in any meaningful way. On whim we lynched any who opposed our sadistic agenda. We accused any black dissidents of being "communists" or "fascists" or "terrorists" even though black people sacrificed their lives beside us in war after war, both cold and hot, to protect our United States. It took a democratic President Truman to allow some small measure of equality in the US Army and Navy and Marines. It took the US Army and the National Guard under orders from the last helpful republican President Ike to allow black people to attend our schools. Or to buy food in our restaurants. Or to swim in our public pools. Or to shop in our stores. Or to drink water from the same public fountain. Or to ride in equal places on our busses. 

So after all we get a Harvard educated, brilliant President Obama elected. 

But for some distorted reason, we got a congress partly managed by a few with the same tragic and criminal sentiments that gave us the above mockeries of our democratic nation. Recall the republican leadership motto, prompted by the woeful loser John McCain, and the myopic, richest-man-in-the-US-senate McConnell and the egoist house republican, tanning booth Boehner. "We will not rest until we have gotten rid of Obama!" They all chanted that like a Sunday school prayer until some huckster like the money-power-mad Rove cautioned them to shut up. "You'll lose the votes that way, so quiet down. Here's how you can make a good sound bite for TV that is code for the same thing," he certainly told them. And they sat on their hands while President Obama and his staff dealt with the gigantic international banks that skinned the American people and our Federal Government for hundreds of billions of dollars. That same congressional gang declared that our Federal government should not pay it's debts. Therefore our Federal government's credit rating fell and your credit card interest went up. Lately that gang wants to throw more hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain with more military attacks on any loud mouthed hawker in a turban who condemns our nation and our democracy on Al Jazeera TV. Then they say Obama caused all of this. No question, that is a lie of the worst order. And you and all Southern people truly know it in your souls and in your minds. 

That is another safe reason I will vote for Obama. 

It is simple. Liars like that gang disgust me, and their lies destroy the good works and dreams of our nation. So think about how you wish this nation to be down the road a few decades. Do we want a business-based, remote, uncaring government dedicated to the revenues of a few giant companies and the egos of a few self-involved, fast-talking thugs? Or do we want a government that cares about protecting the regular people like you and me from injustice and attack from home and abroad. 

Obama's African-American ancestors endured the worst oppression and cruelest burdens imaginable by our white society. Now the Obama family survives and prospers. Yes, there will be troubles and challenges and problems for our nation just like any Southern family. Just like any regular American family. 

President Obama has clearly shown again and again and again that he has the right stuff to make us a better family and a better nation. 

This is why there is no other choice. Vote for President Obama. 

Respectfully and lovingly your nephew, 

The Obama Family
. . . . .
. . .

Monday, October 8, 2012

The B-Plan Republican Candidate

This morning the following Transcript was leaked to this writer by a highly placed official attending the Republican National Committee Special Council (RNCSC) on March 15, 2012.

No audio or video recording was permitted. "HCRO" below means "Hard Copy Record Only."

All certified text by Sergeant First Class Lauren Lumpei, DOD Sec Level Five Stenographer.


Portions of this Transcript have been redacted for National Security Purposes

RNCSC Eyes Only
Original Transcript


15 MARCH 2012 ZULU 15:15:00



CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• I know you like him, but he just looks too much like that little stiff-necked queen, Romney.

MRS. CALLISTA GINGRICH• He's smooth cute. When Newt and I were there last summer we went swimming at the beach. He's b-ball tall and he's got a body made for the girls. Far better than Scott Brown. Vanity Fair would love him to do a partial spread.

MR. DAVID KOCH• It's not just that. He's young enough to serve two terms and then he can run for Governor of Michigan or someplace, and then maybe even a Senate seat.

MR. CHARLES KOCH• Yeah, I like him, too. And he would be able to kick in some money to the campaign himself. Romney is costing a fortune in TV time and they bill me for jet fuel and cheap hookers. And don't tell me that Rupert and James are hurting now because of all that crap the parliament has dug

CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• There's a lot dirt out there on everybody. We've been able to hold the lid on CNN and Blitzer for the time being. But that kike Blitzer's demanding a department chair. Maybe you and Chas could get old Wolfie a place at CATO?

MR. DAVID KOCH• Sure, whatever Karl. I'll do it for you... but I don't want his type in the cathedral. You know what that little hair-faced twit did? He said I haven't paid taxes since 1965. Who cares anyway since that schmuck in Treasury let

I'll pay top dollar for the Blitzer video! Remember Alsop... I want him in my pocket just like the KGB had Alsop. Hmmm, KGB PAC. Koch Gets Best PAC. What do you think, Charles?

CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• Come on. Get focus guys. Cally, what about the wife? What did Mayor-For-Life Bloomberg tell you about her?

MRS. CALLISTA GINGRICH• Asma is a doll. She worked for J.P. Morgan as Bashie's bagman we think. She was born in England... the southern ladies will just looove the accent. And Bloomie said she has looks like a fashion model. That's gold in New York.

CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• The guy has got a great military record. He sends terrorists to meet allah in flaming hells. He's bombed them wherever they come out of their mole holes. No quarter. It's real war for him. No mamby pamby. Just action. What was that town over there he burned up? Homus, I think. We should get him a bronze star for that.

MR. DAVID KOCH• I see he's good about small government. Only needs a well equipped army and things get done. No taxes needed. The best for business and the American dream.

MR. CHARLES KOCH• We can dig our mines wherever we want. No EPA bull. Or union bull. Davey get me another glass of Macallan's please. Karl, do you want to fly over to Miami with us? I'm going to talk to Marco and hang for a few days with real men.

CO-CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS• What about the citizenship? He's listed as being born over there.

CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• Born in Houston in 1966. We have the county records being certified now. His Dad was there at the exact same time cutting a deal with Exxon. But if our people don't like the look of that we can arrange a record at the USAF base in Turkey. Lurch McCain was born on a base in Panama you know. Lurch made us pick up Palin, for god's sake! We're still trying to shut her up. That harpy hustler lost it for Lurch. Little Barack Sambo yanked victory from the jaws of defeat and Lurch did it by falling for

CO-CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS• Let's do it! When can I meet him? I can't wait! Can you Cally?

MRS. CALLISTA GINGRICH• Bashie's my new great guy! I can't wait to invite him to hear me play.

CO-CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS• Play what Cally? The old lickey face?

MRS. CALLISTA GINGRICH• Noooo, Reince! I play the French Horn for the orchestra downtown.

CO-CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS• Yeah, like a French kiss no doubt you petite hussy!

CHAIRMAN MR. ROVE• You two stop it! We've got a ton of work to do. Here's a photo. Get used to the look and the smile! Meeting adjourned for now. Think about how we spin him for the Mid-West dreamers.

Bashar al-Assad
President of Syria
The Next Republican President of the USA
April 1, 2012
April's Fool!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Earl Scruggs is gone now...

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs with The Foggy Mountain Boys
Boarding the Martha White Tour Bus

Dear Wynn,

It was a bright Sunday afternoon at the bandshell in Centennial Park in the warm spring of probably 1963. We were lucky and we found a place to park on the street off West End nearby. We were always lucky in those days. On the green grass meadow in front of the stage, what seemed like hundreds of people patiently waited to see and hear the best bluegrass band in the world... live.

Dodging the crowd, we marched to the backstage entrance where you escorted me inside. There, Lester Flatt and Earls Scruggs sat around taking sips of Jack Daniels in Dixie cups waiting for the show call to begin. Flatt recognized you immediately and stood to shake hands. Then Scruggs, and you introduced me to both.

Flatt was friendly with a sharp eye. Scruggs was shy and smiling. They were elegant men. They were humble, and they were creators of something brand new and amazing and exciting. In my self-centered youth, I didn't realize how much their musical art had affected practically everyone in America and millions across the planet.

On the five minute call, we left the backstage to go around for the show. We stood under an oak tree far out to stage left. The Foggy Mountain Boys entered followed by Flatt and Scruggs.

No drums. No piano. No horns. Just strings. Strings that made sounds from another more perfect world.

Thank you for taking me to that concert, Wynn. And thanks for introducing me to Scruggs who is gone now, certainly to some beautiful cabin on a hill.

Hope you are well and prosperous. Best to all of the family. I'm heading back over to Asia for more teaching soon. I'll keep in touch.


Monday, January 30, 2012

God and Man at Court

(The Supreme Court of the United States)

For anyone in media, an institution is defined by how it looks. It's almost a throwback to the old right wing cliché: "If it walks like a duck, ... and talks like a duck... it's a duck." That quip was attributed to Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston. And speaking of Catholic people, about twenty-five percent of Americans are Catholic. But about sixty-seven percent of our Supreme Court Justices are Catholic. That's six of the nine total Justices. The remaining three Justices are Jewish. How did this happen that we have such a skewed Catholic majority on the Court? It may be because the United States Senate is skewed to right wing religious dogma like the never-ending story of the evangelical movement to disrupt and repeal the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. The ruling, for the first time in America's history, allowed women to control their own reproductive organs away from the purview of some obese and heavy breathing political creep from Kansas. The Senate of course approves every nominee to the Supreme Court. Many Senate members lately rely on endorsements by those radical evangelical god people who would like to repeal the right to vote for women and return to the rule of old white god people for our nation. America can then be secretly declared pure as the greatest and most powerful theocracy in the history of the world.

Another explanation is that the look of the court is a bit like the Vatican Council of Cardinals in Rome. Like the Vatican Council's relationship with the Catholic Church and the Pope, the Supreme Court has a single special purpose to provide legal consent to the works of the US Congress and the President. Like the President, the Pope governs over the entire church. The Council has a sort of veto over who can govern because they elect the Pope into his white robes. The black robed grand Council guides the church by declarations and fiats to lesser members of the church, but the Pope reigns supreme.

The Second Vatican Council

Like the Cardinals of the Vatican Council, the US Supreme Justices all wear elegant official black robes. Unlike the Vatican Cardinals, nota bene that the Supreme Justices have high chairs that loom above any litigants and observers in their Grand Courtroom. Their high chairs befit the Supreme Justices's essential places of honor and eminence in doing the majestic business of the American constitutional republic. A few years ago a coffle of Supreme Justices wrote the Citizens United decision invalidating an enacted law of the lesser and misinformed US Congress concerning money in US elections. Hopefully someday soon Citizens United will be looked upon as the Plessy vs. Ferguson of it's day. But pro tempore, Corporations are people.

We all know that Corporations and their private jets are not people. It is patently absurd that the American legal system has kept the lie of corporate citizenship as truth. Compare this decision to the ancient works of Cardinals in Rome to determine the exact number of angels who can sit on the tip of a needle. Or precisely how some poor penitent must be burned at the stake. Both Thomas and Scalia appear to have bias in both the Citizens United and the pending Affordable Care Act (ACA) cases. No other Justices as far as I can find have attended political events sponsored by financiers like the Koch Brothers. 

The operative word here is "Appearanc­­e" of bias. Thomas and Scalia "appear" to have bias because of their close associatio­­n with parties advocating a particular side of a question before the court. Last winter Thomas visited with the Koch Brothers in Rancho Mirage Palm Springs, California, and apparently Scalia went hunting on the Brothers tab in Colorado. The Koch Brothers finance dozens of radical right wing causes including paying for the pitiful Huckabee ads on cable TV to abolish the ACA.

Appearance of Bias. Go look it up on the American Bar Associatio­n (ABA) site under Judicial and Legal Ethics:"Canon 9 of the ABA Model Code concerning the appearance of profession­­­al impropriety." Then look up Judicial and Legal Ethics at Cornell University­­. Almost like the recent pederasts in the Catholic priesthood, there's no rules of ethics for our omnipotent Supreme Court. And there's no power in our government to tell the Justices to get some bare ethics code. Perhaps we should all pray to guarantee goodness in the hearts of our Justices.

Justice Scalia is obviously a very charming and political person. He bravely goes on hunts for deer and ducks in the wilderness. He defiantly transplants shoots of dark hair to conceal his widow's peak and preserve his youth. Justice Scalia stated once that "The Constitution is a static being." Does this mean Justice Scalia is declaring stare decisis dead? In short, stare decisis is the basic premise in English common law like our system that past legal decisions must be relied upon for future legal decisions. If the Supreme Court does not follow legal precedent then it may be stepping on the legislative powers of the US Congress. The media calls this judicial activism. So what was the Court doing in Citizens United? No other decision in SCOTUS history has more "Dynamic," as opposed to "Static," implication than this one. This Citizens United edict was certainly radical judicial activism. Perhaps Justice Scalia would like to explain what he meant by "Static" in his speech. Or would he defer to FoxFake News for counsel.

Finally, where did Chief Justice Roberts get his promised-at-confirmation stare decisis for Citizen's United? The Council of Orange? Our nation's legal system has been transformed into a theocracy with the highest grace bestowed on the corporation because the individual is warped by original sin.

The Seal

There's an old saying that the trouble with any organization starts at the top. Just like the Catholic religion, our American Republic has three tops. In Catholicism, god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost are the theological triple. In the US, we have the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial triple. The US Congress is apparently the best money can buy. And to get elected to the highest Executive offices takes even greater bags of money than the Congress.

Because of the money, there's no recourse for regular people except to pray to god for change. Change to repent our sins and become more godlike in our dire lives in the dark ages of our Democracy. So we turn to SCOTUS. The Supreme Court appears to be an angelic council of inspired saintly prelates who have the nod of a humane god. Certainly the Supreme Court and their leader Roberts have given no quarter to any humanity in their fiats. Only god and private jets get their precise notice.

The Emblem of the Papacy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Florida Donkey Voters & The Conservative Fringe

Florida & Australian Donkey Voters
Are Not American Democrats

In a Charlie Rose interview the other night, Rep. Barney Frank bemoaned the majority politicians in the present US House of Representatives. "Nobody parachuted in through the Capitol dome. They all got elected by these people..." Because the 2010 House is so dysfunctional and despotic it looks like "these people" who voted for them were a deranged fringe group within the body politic. Therein also may be evidence of a sociopathic virus that infected that group in the 2010 voting. In the coming 2012 elections, we people of America need to inoculate our voters to prevent recurrence of the virus. To that end, let's first explore and analyze the epidemiology of the 2010 virus using basic high school math and statistics.

Of the total USA population eligible to vote in 2010 only about 42% actually turned out and cast a ballot. Now consider the winning majority that built the 2010 House. It only takes one vote over 50% of the total votes to win an election. Of the population eligible to vote only about 21% plus one vote elected the 2010 House.

In these United States of America, do we really have so many millions of angry Billy-Bobs who swill whiskey and drive up to the polls in their pick-ups ready to lynch the politicians who caused all their troubles? A million Billy-Bobs per state? Numbers like this can get pretty mind-numbing. Speaking of which, what happens mentally to these people who vote for nut job candidates? Are they really sociopaths? And what causes these people's disturbed, entranced mental state? Was their trance caused by massive media overload? Or was the trance a result of a virus infecting the few in the fringe?

Let's look closer at Florida as an area infected by the 2010 virus. Many of Florida voters outside of the urban centers cast their ballots just like the nation did in 2010. Recall that the 911 hijackers got their flight training at a Florida aeronautical school. That was an early incident of entrancement and infection. How could someone normal not question what a reclusive gang of Arabs were up to intensely studying how to pilot a 767 jet liner? Recently Florida suffered another outbreak with the election of Florida's autocratic governor Rick Scott. And one more thing to put in the mix about Florida: the Fulgencio Batista Cubanos who want to kill Fidel Castro, and they want to kill anybody who doesn't want to kill Castro. It matters not that Castro is pushing ninety years, and that he handed power over to his brother last year. It is still Alpha 66 and "Kill the Komunistas." This fringe group takes the Donkey Voter trophy away from all Billy-Bobs and any others across the nation for being the most destructive fringe out there today.

These people are the people that the republican wonks endlessly examine and cater to because these people are the key to getting the one more vote beyond the half way mark. Watch the Florida primary vote for how we can get that one more vote for our side? For the elections next fall our nation should consider what our dear neighbors down under use for their elections.

Australian elections have a simple rule that all citizens must vote. If you don't vote then you get fined. It works like parking tickets. If you don't show up and vote you get a twenty-five dollar citation in the mail. If the fringe want to protest they can do a "donkey" vote meaning they leave the form blank. I heard from a friend down there that "donkey" votes are trending downward because people take the vote more seriously since they are required to be there.

Can we ask the Billy-Bobs and the Batistas in Florida to get serious and think before they vote? Or can they use anger management? Probably not. But if more Americans get up early and vote we can get the one more vote to win. Put that with a few Donkey Voters and we may get lucky. Then we can get some people in office who have the good will to make America a better and more democratic nation.

Adored By Florida Cubanos

Fulgencio Batista Was Not Australian


Special thanks for his research help to our friend

Peter Kalos in Melbourne, Australia not Florida.