Sunday, July 24, 2016

All Democrats: Beware Turkey!

His Excellency, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Beware Turkey.  

For the coming months until the vote in November the desperate RNC back room spooks are going for the jugular of Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic ticket.  The spooks want a disaster either in the USA or anywhere really.  That way the Donald can use the disaster as proof that the USA is going down the drain.  Think about how they got their icon Ronald Reagan elected.  Reagan or some spook of those days probably cut a deal with the Ayatollah in Iran to not free the hostages until the surrounding media could destroy Jimmy Carter's campaign.  

Yes, the spooks and spin weenies have worked very hard for the Donald over the past year.  They consider the Donald is the new Ronald.  This sounds stupid, but we all know the tea party spooks don't care what we think.  They just want the spin about "crooked and incompetent" Hillary Clinton to continue on and on and on until November.  

So what sordid stuff is out there that can give the republicans what they really, really want?  It looks like the most fertile ground is in Turkey and lies with the regime of His Excellency, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  Erdoğan is literally locking up all the opposition because of a failed coup d'état.  Generally the tea party faithful don’t care a whit about some dictatorship in Asia’s problems.  But Turkey under Erdoğan is sliding more and more down the slope of hatred for America.  His Excellency could transform into the iconic Mullah without the turban but spouting "Death to America!"  The tea party faithful don’t really worry about that hatred either.  

But within Islamic Law Turkey is one really big and exciting potential media typhoon.  On US and NATO bases in Turkey are literally dozens of atomic weapons.  Erdoğan may decide he needs the weapons to secure his regime.  The resulting media storm would get those red state soldiers and god warriors out to the polls for another giant win for the Donald.  

Beware.  This could happen.