Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Rope-A-Dope Debate v1.0

A peaceful protestor is maced by "Law and Order" security 
at event for the Donald in San Jose last May 2016. Photo by CNN.

September 2015, at Trump Tower New York City 
"Law and Order" security beats up a Mexican protestor. Photo by CNN. 

Note the little cliché from last evening's Debate v1.0, "Law and Order!"  Repeat, "Law and Order!"  Repeat again, "Law and Order!"  Clichés are not bad and TV shows and movies often like to use them as titles.  Clichés are hooks for most advertising and for all political speech writers and thereby politicians like the Donald.  During the Debate v1.0 recall, the Donald frowned a bit and faced us all with last election's cliché of fake "gravitas" or more correctly with an extended lower Wall Street pouting lip.  Then he honks, "I have two words for you.  Law and Order.  Law and Order!"

Put aside that the phrase is actually three words.  Let's talk about what the Donald meant to say.  "Order" is the operative word in the phrase.  That's order the old way we had in the civil rights times south and all over America.  Black and brown people and women had their place or they certainly would suffer a dire penalty.  "Law and Order" for our society is at the top of the minds of the people who adore the Donald.  If some deranged soul violates "Law and Order" our police must put them in jail or maybe even simply gunshot murder them.  

Sadly the Donald's "Law and Order" is the law and order of his security guards who beat up protesters in front of his ironclad Bauhaus home base in Manhattan.  Other libertarian republican rallies for the Donald across America often had a violence that reminded me of the deadly concert in Altamont, California 1969 when a guy was stabbed to death by the anything goes security detail provided by Hells Angels, Oakland.  In Debate v1.0, the Donald mentioned the terrible demonstrations and social unrest in his beloved Charlotte, North Carolina.  For the Donald "Law and Order" would certainly prevent such "terrible" civil unrest.  But the Donald made no mention of the reason for the riots in Charlotte.  That a Charlotte cop gunshot lynched a black man had nothing to do with the Donald's "Law and Order."  
Sure cops have a tough job and sometimes need to protect themselves from deadly force.  But the good old tea party libertarian anything goes Donald wants police in America to be mostly unregulated.  So one Police union gave him their loving endorsement.  Hey Donald, even if you are a cop you need to obey "Law and Order" just like you say!  But Donald, we have a constitution and the “Rule of Law” that's pretty good at protecting regular people from the abusive forces of tin pot brown shirts and murderous sociopaths.  If we follow the "Rule of Law" rather than "Law and Order" our America would be a much better place. If our police follow “Rule of Law,” we can save thousands of lives from gunshot murder and thousands more from gunshot injury.  We can respect each other, and we can genuinely deal with the corruption of some few of our police.  So Donald and the tea party and the republican party listen up.  We need to follow the better and less violent cliché, "Rule of Law" okay?  In our America please understand that the “Rule of Law” overruled and supplanted the old cliché “Law and Order” back in 1781 when we drove the Redcoats out of our budding nation.  

People raise arms pledging to vote for Trump
March 5, 2016 in Orlando.  Photo from Slate.com.  

“Heil Drumpf”
by the amazing and beloved Carol Leake of New Orleans.