Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How the Spin Weenies Damage & Disparage America

We now have discovered a tag for all the masters of deceit in the media and politics: Spin Weenie.

Generally any master of deceit in media and politics who tries to damage and disparage our nation is a spin weenie. Spin weenie can be used as a noun like "A little known spin weenie from Orange County, Marilyn Davenport, sent out photos with President Obama's face on a monkey..." Spin weenie as an adjective can be used like: "Spin weenie reports about the birth certificate are laughable says..." Or as a verb: "FOX News reporters spin weenie stories into praise for anything radical republican, the true interests of the nation be damned..."

Nipping at the heels of our President, various republican spin weenies are now trying to claim the credit for finally dealing with
Osama Bin Laden. The FOX News go-to spin weenie Karl Rove states that his thugs water-boarded key info out of prisoners down in Guantanamo. Former Bush White House spin weenie Barry Jackson pulls the strings on Speaker John Boehner's back to spin weenie the house toward more and more Stalinist legislation. Other spin weenies like the Koch Brothers buy mountains of media commercials attempting to spin weenie our nation toward an Ayn Rand flavored Fascism. An even smaller-minded spin weenie, Ken Hoagland from "Fair Tax" Texas, runs those commercials narrated by spin weenie Huckabee that advocate destroying the health of our nation by dismantling all of our health care laws.

The best way to deal with the spin weenies is to apply a little common sense to their messages.

When former toxic VEEP spin weenie Dick Cheney declares the nation in peril from lack of leadership just pause a moment... Recall spin weenie Cheney's leadership in perjuring us into a ground war in an Asian desert country that cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of civilians. Recall all the spin weenies around President Reagan who tried to get us to believe that Reagan was some sort of deity in order to conceal Reagan's degenerative dementia. Recall the iconic spin weenie Henry Kissinger's bombing of Cambodia leading to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge butchers, plus spin weenie Kissinger's treacherous manipulation of the Chilean body politic leading to Pinochet's bloodthirsty and fascist regime.

Over history all the spin weenies form a mathematical field of wanna-be despots and vicious posers. Listen Americans: let's spin the spin weenies out of our nation's consciousness and forever out of our government.