Saturday, February 21, 2015

Profiles in Governance 2015.2 + 2015.3

General George Armstrong Custer
An early Rand Paul

A friend in Berlin, said a German word for the current plight of the USA is "Geistige Umnachtung," meaning mental nightfall.   

The philosophical and religious base for republican tea party libertarians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz is not democratic or federal or benign. The founding doyenne Ayn Rand, named it Objectivism. Objectivism is the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them.  The more populist name is libertarianism.  It sounds like liberty, but it is not. It is thought of as freedom for the individual, but it is not. It is anarchic calling for a society out of control, or without rules. It is free will without limits. It is civil liberty to the detriment of society and the individual.  

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz
Objectivists in Power

The libertarian creed demands a social and economic Darwinism that could only be described as sociopathic. Government controlled by business certainly does not create a free society, and such a government is by definition, fascism. In America we have seen the effects of giant companies that make profit the only goal. Historically, look up the Ludlow Colorado massacre in tents in the night of women and children protesting for better wages and working conditions. For modern times look up the murders of black people by drugstore cowboys like George Zimmerman and by overzealous cops in Missouri. Some of the poseur politicians like Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Paul Ryan join with spin weenies like Karl Rove and Roger Ailes plus captains of industry like David and Charles Koch and Sheldon Adelson to declare Ayn Rand's work as the torah for their thousand year republic. 

Ayn Rand

Just like the Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard, all of Ayn Rand's novellas are Science Fiction salve for teen age angst. Atlas Shrugged is the republican Mein Kampf. And the Krupps? Well, now we have the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson. And for Goebbels, now there's Karl Rove and Roger Ailes. This has become another very, very bad tea party republican joke on America.  

The vane General Custer of the Indian Wars serves as a good example of an early libertarian type. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are modern day General Custers. Soon the electorate will meet them at the ballot box to help them deal with their blind ambitions and their mental indigestion from eating too much of their cult's dogma. 

General George Armstrong Custer
An early Ted Cruz