Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gunshot Murder and Religion in America

Gunshot Murder and Religion in America
Dateline:  November 29, 2015

Put aside for a moment the terrorist horrors in Paris and in San Bernadino and in Orlando a few days ago.  The tragic event in 2015 Colorado reveals some very cruel truths about our America.  

The gunshot murders and injuries at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs are the direct result of screams for media attention by all of America’s republican candidates for President.  Words are wolves.  

The gunshot murders and injuries at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs are equally the direct result of many, many years of effort by the National Rifle Association, or the NRA, our premier gun lobby in Washington.  Guns cause gunshot murder.  

The gunshot murders and injuries at a Planned Parenthood office silenced all of America’s republican Presidential candidates for a few days.  For the first time in over a year, they halted the dog whistles and open rage for encouraging violence and the closing all Planned Parenthood offices.  

Borrowing a tactical move from the NRA, all the candidates take a break while the media sturm und drang subsides over the gunshot deaths of three and the gunshot injuries of nine others.  

Gunshot murdered Policeman Garrett Swasey, was once an Olympic class athlete.  Officer Swasey died trying to protect others in the Planned Parenthood offices.  

Gunshot murdered Jennifer Markovsky was simply a good neighbor at the clinic with a friend.  

Gunshot murdered Ke'Arre Stewart was an Iraq War veteran.  

Each of the dead victims had two children.  That's four fatherless and two motherless children.   

Maybe it is because our America has been at a corrupt and misguided war off and on since 1991, and human life is not as sacred as in the past.  Our America has more people in prison than any other nation.  Our best friends the Saudi Arabians beheaded more than thirty people last year.  Only last summer the Saudis ordered a girl to be stoned to death for infidelity.  The Saudis recently ordered 200 lashes for a girl who was gang raped.  The Saudis also privately help fund the ISIL gang.  Our collateral damage rate for drone strikes must be in the range of thirty bystanders killed for every target identified dead.  

Stoked by screams of Christian pastors, state and local legislatures and governors create laws to precisely regulate all birth control methods and thereby all women’s bodies.  

Before Roe vs. Wade in 1973 gave America legal abortions, Our Bodies Ourselves the women’s organization, estimates about five thousand women died each year from abortion attempts.  Many religious people all over America vehemently advocate a return to those murderous days.  

Over twelve thousand Americans died from gunshot over the past year excluding gunshot deaths by police and gunshot deaths by suicide.  Americans privately own over three hundred million guns adding up to about one gun for every man, woman and child in our America.  The hospital costs for gunshot injuries are approaching a billion dollars a year.  Many of the pious religious who fume about birth control and abortion, encourage the patriotic ownership of firearms for all.  

Guns are like cigarettes. Guns maim people and we all pay for it.  Guns kill people and we all pay for that also.  Because of multiple gunshot injuries every day, Americans pay for treatment in emergency rooms everywhere.  So we all are paying a hospital tax for some gun manufacturer in Europe?  How much do we taxpayers spend on police investigations and ER's for gunshot violence?  

Most Americans are sick and tired of the media playbook by NRA gun fools, and how American murder by gunshot has become so quaint and so everyday. 

The NRA and all their shills aid and abet gunshot murder every hour in our America!  

Religious zealots endorsing violence by dog whistle or by sermon are directly responsible for more and more gunshot murder and injury in our America!   

Likewise, at first all the republican candidates bide their time and wait off camera, shrewdly preparing to delight their base inhumane and racist faithful.  Every single one of the chosen then leap into close ups all over the dime store cable TV channels where they scream for more and more biblical payback.  

This is not acceptable, America!  


Gunshot Murdered at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs

University of Colorado Police Officer Garrett Swasey

Jennifer Markovsky and Ke'Arre Stewart


Friday, September 11, 2015

Where is the Marshall Plan?

Marshal Plan Logo 1948

The War on Terrorism is like the War on Drugs.  It is an advertising ploy.  "It's like a war on dandruff," said Gore Vidal.  It is a completely planned and constructed media matrix.  

One more thing is an old rule about wars:  When a nation destroys another nation in war, the victor must put in place an enormous program to rebuild the conquered nation.  This is to prevent a repeat.  Remember the Weimar Republic in Germany in the years after WWI?  The Germans were required to pay heinous amounts of money as reparations to all the victor countries.  That little scheme and it's consequential social and economic disaster gave the world Adolf Hitler.  It took another ten years to vanquish that evil doer.  Despite the tens of millions murdered and maimed, some small good for America came of this.  General Eisenhower later led our nation as President.   The last helpful republican to hold the Oval Office, Eisenhower certainly knew about the rules for conquest and giant wars, and so did Ike's predecessor Harry Truman.   

Named for the Secretary of State, George Marshall, the Marshal Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was originated under democratic President Truman with both US State Department officials, William L. Clayton and George F. Kennan, and Brookings Institution and the republican Senator from Michigan, Arthur H. Vandenberg who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Please note how the Senators of the opposition actually wanted to make some good for our nation and the world.  Not so in the present congress.  

The Plan was huge.  The money was in the hundreds of billions in present day money.  The Plan worked incredibly well.  Counter to present day dogmas of the tea party republicans, the Plan endorsed productivity with ethical business methods and the Plan encouraged labor union membership.  Unlike Afganistan and Iraq, the Plan did not sub-contract with American front corporations like Haliburton and others for rebuilding infrastructure.  All the money ended up in the hands of the Europeans.  

If we won the War against the USSR, where was the Marshall Plan?  If we won the War in Afganistan, where was the Marshal Plan for rebuilding democracy like we did in WWII Europe?  If we won the war in Iraq, where was the Marshall Plan.  When Russia transformed from the dictatorship of seventy years, there was nothing other than advice from the smug gang of pre-tea party republicans running things.  There was no Marshall Plan at all.   For Afganistan there have been a few projects to help, but not a Marshall plan.  The same in Iraq.  In the Middle East building a few bridges and a school or two is a spit in the desert.  

Why does our US Congress not know this?  Why did not the Reagan-Bush v1.0-Bush v2.0-Cheney-Rumsfeld victors in Russia and Afganistan and Iraq know this?  Oh, it must be those old "anything goes" libertarian tea party fools in power and their myopic dogmas for solving economic and social disasters with even more disaster.  

As I said a couple of months ago, "How many libertarian tea party fools does it take to make a destroyed economy work?  Answer:  None the free market and god will take care of it."  
Well, now we have the free market Putin who is a throwback to Krushchev.  Most importantly, we have the god of ISIS taking care of things in Iraq and Syria.  Thank you tea party republican fools in our US Congress.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Patriot Tom Brady

by Christopher Tracy, a former NFL player.   

The game of football is a microcosm of the society. NFL Football is a sport of strategic violence with people of multiple backgrounds competing for their right to succeed in the game. Amidst this ultimate team sport, you find joy, pain, love, hate, happiness, sadness, purpose, hard work, complex emotions, personal development, and yes, racism. Let's consider each team an independent State. All the States joined together for a league, or the Shield. Since each State employs its own president, we'll deem commissioner Roger Goodell the Emperor. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

For a little over one million dollars per year, each so-called State employs the Emperor to do their bidding.  The goal of his Highness is to make certain the Occupants abide by a particular set of rules, all of which ensure the prosperity of each State, and the Shield itself.  Behind the Shield, the Emperor boasts of authenticity and integrity.  As it relates to our Real World, that notion too, is not entirely true.  

Canton Bulldog Jim Thorpe

The Shield is comprised of flawed men.  From Jim Thorpe to Ray Rice.  Like our Real World, there are more good people than bad.  As well, our Real World loves to see its citizens built up, only to be broken down.  In the year two thousand and one, our Real World needed a boost for the people after the tragedies in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania.  Nothing unites us quite like a sporting event.  In this time of battle, it's hard pressed to find any negative emotions within our existence, unless of course your State is losing.  With the necessity of a moral boost, no word resonates with our citizens in these Americas quite like a New England Patriot.

Free Agent Ray Rice

We witnessed the rise of a Prince one snowy night in Boston, as a new "tuck rule" was created.  That night spawned "Tom Terrific."  Mr. Terrific was none other than a poster boy for this Emperor.  A winner, an articulate leader, and a good man.  We've witnessed the protection of Mr. Terrific and the State that chose him, from spying on other States to yet another rule change that requires defensive players to tackle the Prince and others like him above the knees. 

Throughout the years, this plan was flawless.  This particular State amassed multiple championships, respect, along with a seemingly unbreakable bond between the State Leader and the Emperor.  The Shield was flourishing, and the Emperor had no reason to change a thing.  The Occupants of the Shield saw the Emperor as less than authentic, and soon it spoiled over to our Real World occupants.

After multiple questionable decisions, something short of a revolution began.  Real World citizens joined State Occupants in questioning the Emperor's judgement.  This, of course led to the Emperor propelling into action, all in the name of protecting the Shield.  Multiple States have been accused of cheating the Shield's rules.  With each offence, a reasonable fine was levied, with virtually no ill word heard about it.  In his desperate state of being, amidst a tumultuous year, the Emperor chose to exploit the reputation of the State that helped bolster his reign.

As other States have manipulated footballs for their personal gain, the Patriots elected to follow suit.  This act of defiance gave the Emperor ammunition to somehow rectify his failing reputation, and express to Real World citizens that no State is above the Shield.  His reaction was completely over board as it relates to the punishment other States have endured.  But since the Shield is much like the Real World, someone has to pay.  And this similarity resonates with the fall guy.  Who is better to make an example out of than Mr. Terrific himself?  

Did Tom Brady and the Patriots know the football's were being deflated?  Of course.  Did Mr. Goodell overreact in his punishment?  Absolutely.  The game of football is pure, the man in charge corrupts it.  There's a line in Spike Lee's movie Malcom X:  "That's too much power for one man to have."  This is plainly evident in regards to Mr. Goodell and the league.  But in this capitalistic society, the man has generated up to nine billion dollars annually for the league, and is arguably the greatest sport in the world, so what's the problem?  He's successfully kept his sport in the media for an entire calendar year, by using his best friend and one of the most respected sports figures in the world, only to generate more money.  God bless America.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Donald and The Great Debate 1.00

Donald Trump

The Donald Goes On TV Tonight
The Donald will finesse this little burp of TV media.

Give the Donald some slack.  He's better qualified than any other republican so far.  I know, I know, I know the bar is pretty damn low... like a centimeter from the deck, but listen.  

Do not underestimate Donald Trump.  Why?  Because the Donald is perfect!

Perfect!  Perfect!  Perfect!  Donald Trump is the perfect republican candidate!

Of course Trump would make a terrible POTUS, but no true republican really cares whether their candidate is a good President.  QED.  

Most true and faithful republicans watch the candidates with basically three different questions in mind.  First, has the candidate a feverish god-fearing attitude and shivering need to abolish abortions and destroy any of the people involved?  Second, has the candidate a hatred of all things to do with the false science of climate change?  Third, as the current tea party republican candidate polls say, "No more lawyers!  Only nice regular people just like George W. Bush!"  

All these requirements are the Donald!  The Donald is a good god-fearer!  He is a church man since childhood!  But most important the Donald said this on TV, "I am pro-life and I pledge to fight for the reversal of ObamaCare, which contains abortion funding loopholes."  

The Donald hates climate change!  This past February he declared snow as proof that there's no climate change.  

Lastly the Donald went to Business school at Penn.  George W. went to Business school at Harvard.  The Donald is as regular as George W!  

So it is proven positively!  The Donald is the one!  

Wait!  Wait, is Donald playing the media like no one else!  He's playing all those tea party cable TV celebrities like a Star-Wars HD video game machine.

But wait.  Donald may be a red herring distracting us from something unknown.  So what ruse is this?

Trump met last month with Karl Rove's boss, the top tea party republican spin weenie* Roger Ailes, who runs Fox TV?

Then the Donald shakes things up by trashing John McCain!  Then ironically, Trump comes out with the McCain Desperation Move by coupling with Sarah Palin!  Then he sports a baseball cap to hide his bad hair days!  It's like 2008 and 2012 all over again!  In January the Donald practically called Mitt Romney a loser.  And then the Donald dissed Jeb Bush because of Jeb's immigration stands.  

The Donald Goes to Fox TV
If we use our imaginations we can hear old Roger Ailes telling the Donald what needs to be done and how the Mitten Romney blew it and how the Koch Brothers are watching him.

The Donald, "Roger, I'm here because I want you to feel comfortable with me running."

Roger Ailes sipping a Jamba coconut juice smoothie, "Sure and I want you to know I'm completely okay with that.  As a matter of fact I'm very comfortable with you rousing the press and waking up the bedrock core of our party."

The Donald's eyes tighten, "Which party is that Roger?  The tea party?  The State's Rights Party"  The Koch Koch Klan™?  Or the republicans? I'm the republican, and I always have been!  I'm the foundation!  I'm the everything!  I'm it Roger! I'm the Donald!"

Roger's eyes open wider, "Yes, the Donald.  We all know that!  We need a POTUS win and we can change the world!  The Mitten has left a very sour taste in our mouths here at Command Center.  Don't make the same mistakes Donald!  David Koch told me today that you never return his calls.  Or Charlie Koch's either!  Don't think you are better than the Kochs!  They are our friends to the grave!  You need to love them!  I love them!  Karl Rove loves them too!"

The Donald smirks, "Yes, I'll return his calls, Roger.  I must be going now.  CBS wants to interview me.  So does NBC.  Goodbye Roger.  See you around town."  

Roger purses his lips and bows his head a little and jiggles his shoulder as if he's shaking off a dust bunny.  

The Donald and The Job
Hey the Donald!  Will all those republican rubes vote for you, Donald?  God surely spoke to you and told you to run for the job?  If not god then Fox TV and Karl Rove and Ayn Rand spoke to you.  Those republican rubes are grand!  They will believe in you!  The Donald is hired!  

Perfect Donald Trump!  You are the perfect tea party republican candidate! You are more perfect than John McCain.  You are even more perfect than Mitt Romney.  Of course, you must remember that Romney's family lived in Mexico for years.  You could send the boys down there to hunt for rapists and smugglers!

One more thing:  All you tea party and republican wannabe's, you are out of your league. 

Don't even try to trump Trump!  The Donald is the Media Master!

Go the Donald!  Go the Donald!  Go the Donald!  Go, go, go….

The Donald's Signature

*  At this update 07/27/2016, Roger Ailes has now been fired at Fox News.  Having no more future in tea party imaginary media at Fox maybe Ailes could get hired at the Noah's ark roadside attraction down in Kentucky as a greeter.  About spin weenies: generally any master of deceit in media and politics who tries to damage and disparage our nation is a spin weenie.  For an expanded definition see the earlier blog post, "How the Spin Weenies Damage & Disparage America."  

Monday, July 20, 2015

What Now Netanyahu?

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano with 
Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akhbar Salehi

Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran

There's a TV commercial airing on all the major US networks from a group called "Citizens For A Nuclear Free Iran" (CFANFI).  The commercial bangs the drum with stunning patriotic visuals and a movie trailer voice-over plus dire symphonic music.  The spot declares that the proposed Iran nuclear agreement is a fraud.  Network TV commercial time like this costs millions of dollars.

The Israeli lobby, the non-profit "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" (AIPAC) founded the non-profit CFANFI.  Just like other religious based lobby operations including Scientology and Jehovah's Witness, AIPAC has branches all over America.

So let's ask the question to both AIPAC and to Bibi Netanyahu.

With the Iran agreement, can Israel come out of the nuclear closet and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

How many inspectors from the IAEA have been allowed in Israel?

Answer:  None.

In the spring of 1965 famed columnist, Drew Pearson ran a story about the Israeli Nuclear Weapons factory in the Negev desert.  Strangely almost nothing has been noted about the Israeli nukes anywhere in American media since.  Israeli media spin weenies have been hard at work for all these years.

Hey Netanyahu and hey AIPAC!  You must realize that Israel unlike most nations has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?  And Netanyahu calls for war against Iran who doesn't even have nukes yet?  Virtually every nation on planet earth has signed the treaty or pledged to abide by it's provisions save these:  Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and South Sudan.

Hey citizens of planet earth, it is time for Israel to come out of the nuclear closet and face the music.

The Fox TV media spin weenies keep on twirling.  The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Citizens For A Nuclear Free Iran spin weenies keep on turning out propaganda for the TV networks.

Hey Israel and Netanyahu!  Hey AIPAC!  Hey John Boehner!  You keep on shouting war, do you know nothing else for your children?

John Boehner Posing with Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli Kids with Uzis

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mental Nightfall In America and the Coming War Against God Encrusted Libertarians

Ayn Rand
"Youthfully Yours"

This is a coming war.  It is a war against dogma and all things Un-American.  An old friend in Berlin, Axel Melzener said a German phrase for the current plight of the USA is "Geistige Umnachtung," meaning mental nightfall.  

It is not democratic or federal or benign what the republican tea party libertarians like Rand Paul and Scott Walker and Ted Cruz and Mike Pence rigidly accept as their calling.  These men are disrupting our America.  

Libertarian dogma has been infused in every decision made by the scant male majority of the Supreme Court of the United States in the last ten years.  Both Scalia and Thomas tout Ayn Rand's influence on their paper-thin contortions of the United States Constitution.  Using Ayn Rand to interpret the Constitution is destructive to our America.

Just like the Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard, all of Ayn Rand's novellas are Science Fiction salve for teen age angst.  Atlas Shrugged is the republican Mein Kampf.  And the Krupps... well, now we have the Kochs.  This has become another savage tea party republican joke on America.  

The libertarians are the intellectual fountainheads for the tea party.  Young Rand Paul was even named after Ayn Rand by millionaire Poppa Ron Paul.  The libertarian creed demands social and economic Darwinism that could only be described as sociopathic.  Government controlled by business destroys free society.  In America we have seen the effects of giant inhumane companies that make profit the only goal.  Historically, look up the Ludlow Colorado massacre in tents in the night of women and children protesting for better wages and working conditions.  For modern times look up the actions by overzealous cops against rioting black people or drugstore cowboy vigilantes who murder without regret or consequence like George Zimmerman.  Some of the poseur politicians like Scott Walker and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Mike Pence and and Paul Ryan plus captains of industry like David and Charles Koch read Rand's work as the torah for their thousand year republic.  

Thomas Jefferson
Official Presidential Portrait
by Rembrandt Peale 1800

Thomas Jefferson warned the American people, "... the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... " 

Academics back in the cold war days of the 1950's declared that the USSR communism of Stalin and Krushchev was a radical religion with all of the formal dogma and doctrine of any faith.  It's pretty much true that dogma and doctrine of any kind can be seen as a religion.  With the exception of communism, Americans have always been very tolerant of religion.  Over our entire history as a nation, dogma and doctrine flourished in various cults that rose up and found a zealous following.  In the 1800's Joseph Smith founded the Church of the Latter Day Saints based on the Book of Mormon.  An angel gave Elder Smith the entire Book of Mormon in a revelation in the woods near Harmony, Pennsylvania.  Elder Smith discovered that Jesus came over to the Mexicans and taught them the way to salvation and the afterlife after his time in Jerusalem.  A bit later, Mary Baker Glover Eddy discovered in her revelation that one's own mind can cure all ailments that come along.  Mrs. Eddy founded the Church of Christ Scientist.  By this cult's dogma and doctrine there's no need to get vaccinations for disease because no disease can be more powerful than the human mind helped along by Jesus or some other god.  The Krishnas.  Aimee Semple McPherson.  L. Ron Hubbard.  
Yogananda.  The Klu Klux Klan.  There are dozens more.  

In our times the media hype attending the tea party republican cult is a never-ending stream of disinformation that aids and abets murder and mayhem all over our America.  It is not benign what the Scott Walker and Rick Scott et al stand for.  Their tea party creed demands social and economic Darwinism that could only be described as sociopathic.  The doyenne and reputed founder of the tea party, Ayn Rand concealed the code of objectivism under the veil of "libertarianism."  

In her book Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand saw herself as a savior for Americans who wanted no interference by the rule of law or government:  "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."  This is a pristine version of the republican's "American Exceptionalism" accenting the hubris of the all-important agendas of god and business and profit destined to prevail and to rule over all our local and state and national governments.  

Sadly the United States of America has made a giant exceptional cult out of our Thirty Years War against "terrorism" all over the planet since 1991 when we invaded Iraq.  The cult of our Thirty Years War is good for some businesses and parts of our economy.  Thomas Jefferson warned us that government controlled by business is "more dangerous than standing armies."  To date our Thirty Years War has cost us trillions of dollars in debt and thousands of lives of our children.  

About the money debts of our Thirty Years War, let's remember that libertarian, Grover Norquist?  Grover Norquist is the single-minded lobbyist for curtailing the federal government by eliminating all taxation.  Grover knows well the end effect of his obsession is private everything in America.  Here's Grover's solemn prayer, "The free market will solve all our problems, and for everything else, god will quickly cover!"  

Grover's paychecks come from branches of the House of Koch in Wichita like the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity plus a national board member status from the NRA lobby in Washington.  If Ayn Rand is a make-believe Catherine the Great of the tea party then Grover Norquist is an American Grigory Rasputin who whispers into the ears and thickens the wallets of all the Pay-Per-Vote™ powerful in the Capitol Dome.  

An international example of such a libertarian cult gives us the Russian icon, Vadimir Putin.  Putin's recent moves in the Ukraine are very much libertarian and anything-goes tea party.  It's almost like Putin had read about John Galt and then took on the personality.  Maybe that's why some tea party candidates for President rail on and on about the Putin invasions and how we need to stop them with all our armies.  The American libertarian tea party is simply jealous of the power that their Russian doppelganger Putin has achieved.  

We Americans can be thankful for the short memories of our voters, and thereby our cults may have short timelines.  

If we are lucky, all the rubes and the media will soon catch on to the tea party cult of our Thirty Years War and turn away!  But for now this is war!  We'll keep fighting the war against our Thirty Years War and all of these cruel cults, America!  Thomas Jefferson is our heroic warrior!  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sincere thanks Bill O'Reilly, but really I wish you'd credited me in the text of your 2014 book on Patton

Lt. Gen. George S. Patton talking it over 
with Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard, CO, 30th Inf. Regiment.
Near Brolo, Italy 1943

Let's Talk About My 2008 Book Target: Patton
By Robert K. Wilcox

Fox TV’s Bill O’Reilly has yet another best-seller in Killing Patton, his new book titled to herald the suspicious death of General George S. Patton.  

Readers of my 2008 book Target: Patton are emailing me, "Did he contact you?  It looks like he’s using your information."  My reply, "Yes, it does.  At least about Patton’s suspicious death."  

I’ve now read Killing Patton.  Placed piecemeal in the book, the parts about Patton’s possible murder are almost exactly what is in Target:Patton, minus the details.  The main evidence, the confession of OSS assassin Douglas Bazata,  is exclusive to my book.  Bazata, who died in 1998, confessed only to me, not to O’Reilly, or even "The Spotlight" newspaper, as Killing Patton alleges.  

"So no," I respond to the question, "neither O’Reilly nor his co-author, Martin Dugard, contacted me."  I didn’t know about Killing Patton until O’Reilly announced it on his television show shortly before publication.  He gives me credit in the rear sources (on page 335):  “For specifics about the conspiracy theories surrounding Patton’s death, the writing of Robert K. Wilcox (Target:Patton) was very helpful.”

I thank him for that.  I worked long and hard on Target: Patton.  It wasn’t easy.  I would have preferred he credit me in the text and list me in the index, both more visible to readers.  This isn’t sour grapes.  Target: Patton is benefiting.  Sales have increased.  The important mystery of Patton’s death is gaining credence.  Still, the record should be set straight.  The main points about Patton’s probable murder in Killing Patton are all in Target: Patton, published six years earlier.  Killing Patton only repeats them, and not totally accurately.

Let me stress I like Killing Patton.  It's a good book, well-written with needed, little-known history.  But, in my opinion, it’s mostly about the end of World War II, the large personalities who ran the war like FDR, Churchill, Montgomery, Stalin and Hitler and the horror of the taking of Berlin, not Patton’s suspicious death.  General George S. Patton, one of those big personalities, is certainly front-and-center.  But there’s nothing about his suspicious death that isn't in Target: Patton.  In fact, there is less.

Let me back that up:  

The main evidence for Patton’s probable murder in Killing Patton, all in Target: Patton, basically amounts to three aspects:
     The confession of Douglas Bazata, the OSS agent involved in causing Patton’s “accident” that killed him.
     The witness of Stephen J. Skubik, an American intelligence officer who claimed to discover the plot to kill Patton and tried to stop it.
     A meeting between Bazata and “Wild Bill” Donovan, head of the OSS, whom Bazata claims asked him to murder Patton.

Now lets take each as listed:

The confession of Douglas Bazata about causing Patton’s “accident” is exclusive to Target: Patton.  Publicly, Bazata only confessed to me.  Killing Patton says he confessed to "The Spotlight," a Washington, D.C. weekly far-right newspaper, in 1979.  Close, but that's not correct.  He told "The Spotlight" he had been asked to kill Patton, but he had not done so.  The matter died with that at least publicly until Target: Patton.  Twenty years after the two "Spotlight" articles, I interviewed Bazata at his home for over a week.  He was sick and feeling remorseful.  That is when he confessed.  He died shortly afterward.  All of this is thoroughly discussed in Target: Patton.  I’m sure O’Reilly, having read my book, knew this.  I don’t know why he didn’t just quote me froTarget: Patton.  I think the point would have been stronger.

Stephen J. Skubik is also exclusive to Target: Pattonat least in making what Skubik knew public.  Until Target: Patton, hardly anyone beyond Skubik’s family knew of his witness. Skubik had written it in a privately published work titled The Murder of General Patton.  It remained publicly unknown for decades until, in my research, I encountered it.  It turned out to be very important.  Skubik, like Bazata, checked out very credible.  He died in 1996.  I worked with his family to be as accurate as I could in synthesizing his very densely-written witness.  Killing Patton contains, in several boiled down pages, the gist of what is only in Skubik’s private book and Target: Patton.  There was much research and verification put into that.  Again, no sourcing in O'Reilly's text.

The meeting between Donovan and Bazata, the other important evidence of Patton’s possible murder in Killing Patton, is also in Target: Patton.  O’Reilly credits it to a Bazata letter he says they found.  Bazata did write letters.  But that specific meeting, like others between Donovan and Bazata, is detailed in Target:Patton.  Since my book is heavily sourced, back searching my research could easily have yielded the letter.  I don’t know if that was what happened, but it would have been the easiest thing to do.  And O’Reilly does credit me on the “conspiracy.”

There are other duplications including, for instance, what appears to be an attempt on Patton’s life while he was flying in peaceful airspace.  A small plane he was in was attacked by a Spitfire believed to have been Polish under Soviet control.  The retelling of the incident is almost identical in Killing Patton as it is in Target: Patton. My source was mainly Patton’s diary, War As I Knew It, and a Polish military pilot who did research for me.  Killing Patton gives no source.  There are general aspects of Patton’s career in both books to show why he might have been targeted.  That story is generally known.  He bucked his superiors, wanted to fight the Soviets, whom FDR naively thought would be peacemakers.  With the acquiescence of Churchill, FDR gave Eastern Europe to Stalin and thus precipitated the Cold War.

O’Reilly and Dugard do a nice job of painting that little-known, little-taught history.  Patton stands out as a great patriot in their work.  Again, absent the sourcing I wish they had put in the text, it’s a highly readable and interesting book.  I recommend it.  In my opinion, the suspicious death of Patton is best described in Target: Patton.  Hopefully, the publicity that only having a television show like O’Reilly can provide will keep Killing Patton at number one on the best-seller lists and force the powers that be to solve the Patton mystery.  What really happened was covered up.

                                                    Robert K. Wilcox
Robert K. Wilcox is a bestselling author, journalist, novelist and screenwriter. He specializes in mysteries and military history. He began as a reporter and then religion editor of the Miami News, winning the Supple Memorial Award as the best religion writer in the nation. He went on to write for the Miami Herald, New York Times and other major newspapers and magazines before becoming a television writer and story editor. He has written over thirty produced teleplays plus eleven books. When not writing books or screenplays he specializes in political articles. Recent articles have appeared in the New York Post, American Thinker, Breitbart and other national publications. He lives in Los Angeles. His website is:

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Admiral Mike Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen

Last night on Charlie Rose, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen said, “The two things to really worry about in this modern world are number one, Nuclear weapons and number two, Cyber Security.”  

Mullen also noted that we have Putin cornered over Crimea and Ukraine with the sanctions.  "Kiev was the birthplace of modern Russia and Putin is enormously popular all over that nation."  That’s why we need to let diplomacy work on Putin and stop rattling rockets in Russia’s face.  

One more thing from Mullen about the USSR break up in the 1980s and 90s:  the unctuous fake patriots in the White House "gloated."  To help the Russians transition to a capitalist society, the USA and the allies should have put in place a Marshall plan like Truman and Ike did in Germany and Europe after WWII.  Egotists in positions of power rarely see beyond next week in their vanity. 

Maybe this guy should run for President next time.  I don't care what party, as long as it's not republican, I'd vote for him.  It is sickening to see the coverage all of our media gives to the very meager people who are Elmer Gantry's and god fools and fake patriots seeking the oval office.    

Most of the Republican Candidates

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Profiles in Governance 2015.2 + 2015.3

General George Armstrong Custer
An early Rand Paul

A friend in Berlin, said a German word for the current plight of the USA is "Geistige Umnachtung," meaning mental nightfall.   

The philosophical and religious base for republican tea party libertarians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz is not democratic or federal or benign. The founding doyenne Ayn Rand, named it Objectivism. Objectivism is the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them.  The more populist name is libertarianism.  It sounds like liberty, but it is not. It is thought of as freedom for the individual, but it is not. It is anarchic calling for a society out of control, or without rules. It is free will without limits. It is civil liberty to the detriment of society and the individual.  

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz
Objectivists in Power

The libertarian creed demands a social and economic Darwinism that could only be described as sociopathic. Government controlled by business certainly does not create a free society, and such a government is by definition, fascism. In America we have seen the effects of giant companies that make profit the only goal. Historically, look up the Ludlow Colorado massacre in tents in the night of women and children protesting for better wages and working conditions. For modern times look up the murders of black people by drugstore cowboys like George Zimmerman and by overzealous cops in Missouri. Some of the poseur politicians like Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Paul Ryan join with spin weenies like Karl Rove and Roger Ailes plus captains of industry like David and Charles Koch and Sheldon Adelson to declare Ayn Rand's work as the torah for their thousand year republic. 

Ayn Rand

Just like the Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard, all of Ayn Rand's novellas are Science Fiction salve for teen age angst. Atlas Shrugged is the republican Mein Kampf. And the Krupps? Well, now we have the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson. And for Goebbels, now there's Karl Rove and Roger Ailes. This has become another very, very bad tea party republican joke on America.  

The vane General Custer of the Indian Wars serves as a good example of an early libertarian type. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are modern day General Custers. Soon the electorate will meet them at the ballot box to help them deal with their blind ambitions and their mental indigestion from eating too much of their cult's dogma. 

General George Armstrong Custer
An early Ted Cruz

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Profiles in Governance 2015.1

Governor Sam Brownback
of the Kansas Caliphate 

In a foreign policy scoop, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback led a delegation to the "Unitary Republic" of Kazakhstan to increase trade for his caliphate to the Khanate over there in Asia.

Governor Sam "Led trade missions to China, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Kazakhstan promoting Kansas agricultural exports," says the official Kansas site.  

Hey Governor Sam, did you meet with Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's first President, a position he has held for more than two decades? If Nazarbayev can rule so long in such an impoverished third world country, maybe you can be Governor Sam for Life in prosperous modern day Kansas.  

Tea party republican caliphates like Kansas and Oklahoma never cease to amaze.  

This has become another very, very bad tea party republican joke on America.