Friday, March 17, 2017

The White House PR Hive and the Power of Money

Probable Cause in Glastonbury by Banksy
It is only a lie if the media PR Hive at the White House says it's a lie. Lately the smell of lies like rotten seafood is all over the White House and the Capitol dome.
From artist Carol Leake, an old and dear friend in New Orleans, about the state of our government, “Actually, I think Paul Ryan is revealing his ideological obsession with getting rid of government. New Orleanians had an up close and personal experience 12 1/2 years ago of how things go when government is sabotaged by republicans. We never recovered. At the time, I thought that the outing of the republican agenda would be the only silver lining that Katrina had to offer." Why this destructive ideology from Speaker Ryan and most of the republican Congress?  Put aside the money for the Super PAC.  Put aside the aspirations of lobbyists like Grover Norquist and his bosses at the NRA who whisper in the ears of their shills like Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  Let's simply follow the taxes for the why.  
The carious Koch Brothers have their hands in bags of money for elections all over America.  So do hundreds of others with dogmas ranging from abject racist despotism to fake Christian boosterism. Think checks and balances for a moment.  Look it up, especially if your elementary education was home bible school.  The Heritage Foundation and ALEC and the Cato Institute and the Fund for Growth and other billionaire funded PR pods for dogma, all have deeply influenced America for the past twenty years.  These billionaires literally have no check on their power of money.  If Charlie Koch wants burn a hundred square miles of Grand Teton National Park to get a better view for his place in Jackson Hole, he wants no one to tell him he can't do this!  His gigantic power of money is absolute.  But the Federal Government has guns and tanks and lawyers who are equal to Charlie's.  So Charlie is frustrated.  He talks to his boys at Heritage and Cato, "The highest goal is to eliminate taxes... all taxes!  We get rid of taxes and we get rid of my enemy, the government!"  Thereby they'll erase the power of government.  Government is the big boss!  Only government can tell Charlie what he can and cannot do.  Old Charlie will not tolerate this.  It becomes an obsession for any billionaire that some big government can tell them what to do. If Charlie does not like it, he'll change it.  Look at the gas stations in Palm Springs.  There used to be all brands there.  But it now looks like old Charlie got rid of all the competition for his own little Valero Petrol brand.  It's practically a monopoly for Valero out there in the desert.  Charlie wants to get rid of that competing brand we call the government.  
Charlie Koch got all of this vision from his bible upbringing in Oklahoma and his study of Ayn Rand as a teenager.  To this day Ayn Rand's little books are like bibles for all those pubescent minded billionaires who need some pump-me-up with their morning cappuccinos and croissants.  When the caffeine kicks in Charlie Koch feels better about his life and his work, and he runs the glorious self-made man image of John Galt through his mind.  Christians in Nashville and Iowa do the same.  They repeat and repeat the image of a white boy blue-eyed Jesus doing powerful things in their minds.  Those things they could never do in reality because the government just would not allow it.  Therefore Charlie Koch and the Nashville Christians and the Iowa Christians have the same enemy, the government!  The government can't be more powerful than Jesus!  Jesus is the boss!  The government can't be more powerful than god!  God is the boss!  If the government acts like Jesus or god then we've got to destroy it!  Onward Christians soldiers!  But wait!  There's a problem here!  Our government has a plan.  It's called our constitution.  The people put this source in charge.  Not the money.  Not god or Jesus or John Galt or any billionaire including Charlie Koch and our President Big Trump and our US Congress and our White House crew.  The people have the power.  We are many more than you despite the enlargement of your power given you by your PR hives.  The people have the power.  
King Louis XVI was guillotined
January 21st, 1793
The White House PR Hive


Unknown said...

I so appreciate fine minds like yours, Marty, and your ability to put your point of view in writing.

We are the government. We have as a collective people made rules and regulations to safeguard our society. I fear what will happen when so many the rules and regulations that were unfortunately forged by necessity, are removed.

The political pendulum swings...

uncleblabby said...

As usual you remarks are appreciated , thank you for your scholarship please reveal a few words about the up coming Koch sponsored Constitutional Convention once two more states fall to GOP control . I believe we are seeing the full harvest that was sown by Lewis Powell