Monday, June 20, 2016

Gunshot Mass Murder in America

The Forty-Nine Gunshot Murdered in Orlando

Try smelling a hundred dollar bill.  That's the smell of the US Congress today!  

That vote against all, or any gun controls in the US Congress is more than shameful or spineless. It is treason to allow gunshot mass murders. 

Here are the names of the Fifty-Six US Senators who voted to allow more gunshot mass murders. 

Hey Mitch McConnell!  Hey all republicans in Congress!  Hey Paul Ryan!  Forty nine men and women were gunshot murdered with a military weapon the other night in Orlando.  

Hey Mitch McConnell!  Hey all republicans in Congress!  Hey Paul Ryan!  As you command with vigor your obstruction, does it ever make you feel uneasy to know you were part of these gunshot murders?  

You aided and abetted the crime of gunshot murder by your inaction on any gun legislation, even the simplest background checks!  

These gunshot murders had little to do with some deranged brain stem religion or some enrapturing god.  The Orlando gunshot murders were carried out by one male psychopath who was able to buy a military assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  A simple background check could have prevented those forty-nine gunshot murders.  

These gunshot murders were a direct result of you and your people in the US Senate and US House who fear and revere the bags of money of the NRA. 

In 2016 there were 15,093 gunshot deaths. 

Hey Mitch McConnell!  Hey republicans in Congress!  Hey Paul Ryan!  Hey NRA!  There will certainly be even more gunshot murders soon because of you and your treason.  

We are Orlando and we do not forget!  

Thank you Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
for the powerful Florida GRFX!

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