Friday, June 17, 2016

British Labor MP Jo Cox Gunshot Murdered

MP Jo Cox
Represented West Yorkshire, UK

British Labor Party MP Jo Cox was gunshot murdered yesterday.  Jo Cox was married to Brendan Cox.  They had two children aged three and five.  

Rest in Peace and Love, Jo Cox.  

Jo Cox was gunshot murdered by a right wing radical who was partly financed by neo-nazis and the KKK in the USA. 

Gun muppets here in America are no doubt using this crime to show how stringent British gun laws don't work.  

Those American politicians and gun muppets just don't get it.  If these radical right brownshirts start killing politicians like this young woman in the UK, those gun muppet US Senators and Speakers in the US House will be next on the list.  The organization is international.  The neo-nazis and the KKK are rivals of the ISIL gang of terrorists.  The leaders of such terror gangs like to operate in the USA because of the cheap and ready availability of all kinds of weapons.  

So far in 2016 there have been more than 6,153 gunshot deaths including the forty-nine murdered in Orlando.  

Gunshot deaths in the USA as of 06/17/2016
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From Brendan Cox for all of us.

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