Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goober Capitalism™

Cooper Square New York City November 2001

"I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally. 
. . . 
It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

George Washington 1796 


Listen up for a few minutes and ignore the fearful rants and raves of tea party agonists and all other republicans warning of war and invasion by immigrants all over our media in America. Quickly let's review some reality of the past thirteen years or so. First, in September 2001, a gang of psychotic Arabs caused the 911 attacks killing thousands in New York City and Washington, DC and a field in rural Pennsylvania. The gang was financed by racial and cultural bigots hiding out in Afganistan and Saudi Arabia and the Yemen. We were assured by most of our media and all of our leaders in Washington that we must all greatly fear the Al-Qaeda cult and Osama Bin Laden. We all knew where the leaders were hiding. The Al-Qaeda cult and Bin Laden were sheltered and aided by Taliban oligarchs in ultra-conservative Islamist Afganistan.

Therefore we must go to war, and America invaded that ill-fated nation to stop the bigots and save us from a repeat of the 911 attacks. Then almost as a sidebar we were all told that we must invade the nation of Iraq too because more bigots there have very dangerous weapons that can kill thousands of Americans in a single attack. What is the secret story of the Iraq war, of spooks and cold war fanatics in power in Washington? Who wanted Saddam dead? And why? Lately more and more is being revealed about the Iraq War. We are in the midst of a sea change in national politics as tea party agonists and republicans fade into the darkness of oblivion due all traitors. Of course many cable TV media celebrities continue to rave the opposite as in "Tea party republican Eric Cantor lost his seat in a primary because he wasn't ultra-conservative enough." Recently former Veep Dick Cheney himself rages, "Another attack is about to happen! We, must arm up and be ready to re-invade Iraq!" Hucksters and fake patriots like Cheney make a mockery of our democracy by their TV show manipulations of the media. 



Last month the fake patriots and Pay-Per-Vote™ Senators Jeff Sessions and John McCain and thirty-nine other tea party agonists and republican fake patriots voted against helping veterans.

This vote was part of a broader plan or playbook for the game. The tea party and republican playbook calls for grossly under-funding some government operation, and then when the operation fails in some way you can blame the administration. Pretty sick stuff but they've been doing it since the financial crisis through Benghazi and now the VA problem. Fake patriot tea party agonists and republicans like Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan in the US House and McConnell and McCain and Cruz in the Senate play this reality show for a national audience on cable TV news stations. 

Most republicans and all tea party republicans in America tout that lower taxes are essential to the American Dream. Mitt Romney and Charles Koch and David Koch and other billionaires hide money in bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying taxes. Many, many US corporations do the same. So those acclaimed leaders of business in America don't want to pay the tab for our children dying in Afganistan and Iraq to protect their homeland? 

When I visited the Trade Center site in November 2001, the fences were covered with notes and photos from thousands of people who'd come there from all over America.  Most of the postings were from church groups bussed in to pray for the dead and console the survivors of the attacks. It occurred to me that this must be the start of a religious war: Christianity versus Islam. After fourteen years, we can all see the war is not religious, but it is about the money and a new religion founded on Goober Capitalism™. 



Most republicans and all tea party republicans in America deeply believe in the notion of "free market" capitalism as codified in the republican playbook. This brand of capitalism is based on a dogma that free markets and more profits always benefit all Americans. Money is the highest good. This is the lie I call Goober Capitalism™or a corrupted capitalism based on TV news hype and taken as truth by many people all over our America. 

So the term Goober Capitalism™ is a newly discovered subset or subculture of the traditional American capitalism of free markets, but grossly ignorant of the societal consequences of it's actions. Thomas Malthus was talking about such Goober Capitalists™ when he formed his theory of land and farming and how inevitably there would be more people than the land could support leading to social disruption. 

Our modern American Goober Capitalists™ have a single purpose for the corporations and companies they control, more profits. They ignore any consequences of their actions to the employees, the products, or the nation of America in general. Goober Capitalists™ are dedicated to the dogmatic peanut (bean) counting of profit margins for their corporation or company. Some of the financial wizards of Wall Street we discovered in the crisis of 2008 are iconic Goober Capitalists™. Mitt Romney is a shining example and so are Charles and David Koch. These Goober Capitalists™ are American oligarchs with rigid political agendas that are not good for our American Democracy.  

Corporations and companies are a figment of the imagination of people who worship at the alter of Goober Capitalism™. Both corporations and companies exist because some billionaire in the past direly wanted anonymity. Do corporations and companies and their attendant billionaires have no ethics and no conscience? I don't think so. Corporate and company executives are just like the regular people with the same prejudices and dreams per capita. Some number of them are fake and fearful and cruelly deny their due. Some are giving and want the best for our America. Either way all of them should pay their taxes for the wars we fought to protect their homes in Aspen and Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. 

The doctrine of Government-For-Profit is a viral element of Goober Capitalism™ that we must wipe out. In this world we can no longer tolerate libertarian fools with anything-goes teenager tactics in our Congress and Judiciary. The consequences are dire for the people of our America and the entire planet. 



Robert Kennedy, Jr. said that business controlled by government is called communism, and government controlled by business is called fascism. Let's look at the exacting libertarian, Government-For-Profit booster, Rand Paul who is the kind of guy who truly believes that Government should be run like a business. By that perverse reasoning we should only give defense or any public contracts to low bidders. Then the HumVees that breakdown in battle will cost only a few lives. Or the cheap guns that don't fire. Or any other service provided by government like fire trucks or police protection­. Justifiabl­e by the numbers, but premeditat­ed homicide anyway. So good old boy Ayn Randist Rand Paul sputters on and on like an old Yugo import. Recall the low budget cars manufactur­ed in what is now Serbia. The Yugo's were certainly the result of low bidder perversion­s. You get what you pay for, right Rand Paul?

Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul both declared Ayn Rand to be our new American Ideology? Instead of Ayn Rand, we should go back and re-read Alexis de Tocqueville. He precisely predicted the competition between the USA and Russia and he predicted the rise of an egotistical American oligarchy very similar to what has come to us in the form of rancid Pay-Per-Vote™ tea party republican people in our congress and Judiciary. 

While we are at the library do some more research on economics.  Read some real economics like John Maynard Keynes and Joe Schumpeter and other real academics who did not cow-tail to any of the Goober Capitalism™ of their times. 



Government is not a For-Profit Business. But I trademarked the term Goober Capitalism™to protect future posts from being misquoted on some cable TV station.  

One more thing for all the fake patriots, our money-grubbing Pay-Per-Vote™ politicians there's an old Wall Street saying: "Take your cut and don't get greedy, because we send pigs to the slaughter." 

It's all over boys and girls.  Take your loot and go home. 



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LAMF said...

LAMF Part#1:
A country that has such a desire for guns and following through and using them on innocent people, are a people who have not evolved to live in civilization. Now, this may sound like my opinion, but I study neuroscience and if one was interested, there are a plethora of studies on the human brain that have been discovered in the last 5 years.

The studies came back so exactly repeatable that it has changed the way that science looks at the connection between our brain structure and our behavior. In 2009, at the University of London, using fMRIs, an usual brain structure was discovered. It showed up in 80% of those who called themselves conservatives.

Continued in Part#2

LAMF said...

LAMF Part#2:

They had no choice but to call it the primitive brain for on the brain scans are human brains that look like the ones humans must have had when we were savages and traveled in small groups and killed other humans and took what we wanted.

This has now been studied around the world and is considered the hard science of how the brain works and how it thinks. See, these brains have an enlarged amygdala, which means they are more aggressive and they take more than they need. They constantly love to be at war and taking what they can.

Continued in Part#3

LAMF said...

LAMF Part#3:

The second structure they found was that the anterior cingulate cortex but underdeveloped and has zero blood flow going through it. This is the lobe that processes logic, math, science and also helps humans to have empathy for others. It's quite intriguing that this brain still exist for as we became civilized we were supposed to evolve to live with others in peace and harmony, and not like we were Cowboys and Indians.

If you look at all the ways the conservative party acts, I think you should be able to understand now why they act the way they do and why they must have guns even though most other advanced nations don't have them. And the few that do, don't have anywhere near the 10.000 gun shot deaths that America has each year and is so far above any other country that there is definitely something wrong with the culture-at least for a big group of them.

Continued in Part#4

LAMF said...

LAMF Part#4:

My particular area of interest is why many people have no empathy and so I studied many psychopaths. When I started to read politics, I became alarmed for their behavior was so close to the psychopaths I study. In fact, in the 1990's, in the American Psychological Journals, psychologist have written many papers on this similarity and their alarming lack of empathy.

I truly believe this is why we will always have a percentage of the public that insists on carrying a loaded weapon. When instead of protecting them, it makes them 22 times more likely to e shot to death by a family member.


Martin Mabbs said...

If we dont use it we loose it.....devolution is happening.