Friday, July 25, 2014

A Report from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv in a Time of Peace

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From: Anonymous in Israel
Sent: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 4:21 pm
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Tell me about it. I know the news is horrible. 
With all the news happening around the world, I am more frightened of the world atmosphere than I am during the sirens in Tel Aviv. One of my super religious friends posted something today that truly expresses how I feel. She used to be orthodox, but the community has now cut her off due to her political views, and believing that a Palestinian state should exist: 

"Dear _______ , 
I posted the link from Germany and have spoken multiple times about France, but I didn't talk about the threatening letters targeting Jews in Chicago, the newspapers in Turkey demanding Turkish Jews "apologize for Gaza" or the harassment of Jews on California campuses. If I tried to list every instance of antisemitic aggression ONLY linked to this war, I'd be here all day, and I still wouldn't be done. 

There is a huge antisemitism problem in the antizionist movement. Antizionism isn't necessarily antisemitic, but that doesn't mean antizionists are free from examining themselves from antisemitic words or actions. The global rise in antisemitic violence that comes as a direct result of these Palestine marches speaks VOLUMES. I completely support pro-Palestine marches, and I've spoken out against this war constantly, but I cannot turn a blind eye to this violent antisemitism. 

If the oppression of a marginalized ethnoreligious minority is not somehow motivation enough on its own, realize that the more antisemitism is allowed to grow and fester in this movement, the more zionists you get as a direct result, and the more Israel as it currently is gets blanket uncritical support from Jews who have to flee there to survive. 

I could not have said it better myself. Its a terrible situation and the more press Hamas gets, the more alone Jews will be all over the world. 

Palestinians have a right to a state, they have a right to exist just as much as we do. They have a right to raise their children in a beautiful land, to laugh and sing, not run from rockets. 

SO DO WE. Our children have a right to laugh and sing in the same land as theirs - that is the ultimate goal is it not? Peace. 

But with all thats going on, it seems very far away. These "demonstrations" that are happening all over the world in London, Germany, California and France are violent, antisemitic, and horrifying to humanity. They taught us in school "Never be Silent and Never forget" in regards to the Holocaust, and now I know why. This is what scares me, this is what gives me nightmares, not the sirens but the blind hatred of thousands. 

Hamas is screaming "genocide" to anyone who will listen, and if they keep it up, they'll get exactly what they want, the genocide of Jews across the globe. It wont be by rockets that Israel is destroyed, but by their blatant manipulation of the masses into blind hatred for an old scapegoat. 

Im sorry this was a very dark email. I pray for peace, I pray that the unbelievable ignorance will cease, and I pray for those whose minds are already closed to the possibility of coexistence. 

We will stay safe, we will keep smiling - what else can you do when the world hates you? 

Missing you dearly and wishing you luck!  

Anonymous in Israel  


On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 1:24 AM 

‪Martinshushu‬ wrote: 

This is an amazing letter! 
May I publish it on the blog? 
If you wish I could post it as "Anonymous in Israel." 
Just tell me. 
Stay sharp and be safe dear ones. 
Much Love, 


From: Anonymous in Israel
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Subject:  Re: ARE YOU SAFE ……..?

Good to hear from you. Yes, I would prefer to remain anonymous. 

The general consensus here is that people are more frightened about what is happening in the world, and how that affects people's feelings towards our country. 

Hamas wants Israel to stand alone, to be seen as murdering Jews who care little to nothing about humans. We don't want to fight, we want our soldiers back for Shabbat dinner. 

Hamas has an incredible ability to manipulate the social media news  and Israel is struggling to keep up. Pictures are taken from Syria, and posted under #freegaza of burned children wandering the streets alone, manipulated to take pictures coved in fake blood, crying over "dead" family members who are alive and well according to twitter. It's a horrifying game and we are losing. Palestinians have the right to their own state free of terror and that is the bottom line. Hamas is the enemy, not the Palestinian people. Innocent lives are being taken on both sides, and that is unacceptable. 
I hope all is well with you. 

Anonymous in Israel



Jerry Hoke said...

Martin, there is a spiritual flaw in the expression of this supposedly "religious" individual. Her inability to see the criminality of the Zionist Jews in their historic treatment of the Palestinians at all levels reduces her comments to self serving ego contaminated self pity. The absurd constant complaint of antisemitism has no place in serious discussion of what Israel and their ultra-right government is doing.

Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing Martin.
Yes sadly more innocent people have had to suffer & die, I sometimes wonder where is the Gandhi or Mandela to emerge from the middle-east.
As long as violence continues there will be no end to this senselessness.

LA Memory Foam said...

I hope this will all finally work out. I am behind Israel for they have tried to work and play fair while the Palestine and Hamas continue the same old games. I think there are two species of homosapiens and one likes to fight and take all they can and the other is peaceful and wants a good life for many. It's hard to do that with an entire nation says you don't exist or that the holocaust never happened. That kind of person will never change.

so sorry,

Gigi Jacobs