Friday, April 16, 2010

Liars & Losers & Fascists

Father Charles Edward Coughlin (1891 – 1979)

The republicans and other liars and losers have almost succeeded. They have almost shown how democracy can be subverted in our nation. In so doing over the last thirteen months the republicans have proven at least two things: they are all "L"s (put the hand sign on your forehead) as in Losers, and they are all "L"s (again on the forehead) as in Liars. One guy who was a speech writer for W. Bush was fired from his job at the Heritage Foundation (a republican loser org) because he said that the republican party was controlled by Fox News.

The little queen of Fox News, Glenda Beck ran a story about Father Coughlin recently. A Wikipedia post said "Beck was criticized for calling 'Social Justice' a code word used by churches after airing a piece on Coughlin on March 11, 2010 which associated the term 'Social Justice' with Coughlin's publication of the same name and Coughlin's fascist politics following the American nazi Fritz Kuhn of the 1930s."

Father Coughlin is apparently admired by Beck. Just like Beck, Coughlin was an adamant loud-mouthed opponent of Communism who reached an audience of millions. In the late 1930s Coughlin slammed President Roosevelt as a socialist and a tool of the "international Jewish conspiracy." Sounds just like Beck's lies about President Obama.

Father Coughlin was bankrolled to a large extent by Henry Ford. Yes the Henry Ford, the good old inventor of production lines who got cheap labor from the American south to cheaply build his inventive autos. Like Father Coughlin, Glenda Beck and his celebrity commentator gang at Fox News are bankrolled by a latter day billionaire, Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch comes from a wealthy, privileged newspaper family down in Melbourne, Australia. Murdoch's News Corporation is a darling of the New York stock exchange this past year because the stock value has shot up by over one hundred percent. It is true that most of that increase was due to the great success of the "Avatar" movie.

Having no youthful avatar for himself, Murdoch may be a desiccated old guy, but he is acutely aware to the extent that he knows well the math of making money. What Murdoch may not fully realize is that Fox News's content looks a lot like propaganda. Fox News's content is not spin. It is full of lies. Just like some politicians in the US Congress the celebrity commentators on Fox News simply lie where it serves their purpose. Lies like this are propaganda. The same propaganda that the fascists in Germany smeared across Europe in the 1930's. Murdoch may truthfully believe that the words of Fox News do not have that much impact because he is from a privileged socio-economic class that embraces a similar sort of discourse as light and carefree small talk in the afternoon served with mint juleps and lemonade on the manor house veranda.

Almost beyond belief, in the real world out on the highways of fly-over America there are many partially educated, privileged people who rigidly believe the lies that are put before them as truth on Fox News. These people and tea baggers and other loud-mouthed gangs all get their truth from Fox News. CNN and other news orgs deliriously follow these people, their gangs and their meetings across the land. It apparently makes good news when some populist loser raves on and on using lies heard on Fox News. Even on the floor of the US Senate comes lines of Fox News liars and losers and fascists. Mitch "Mr. Magoo" McConnell stated the other day that President Obama's proposed bill to regulate Wall Street is a "big government give-away." That is a lie. Mr. Magoo simply re-stated the lie of the day from the losers and fascists at Fox News.

It is PR 101 (Public Relations 101) game strategy to keep repeating the same lie over and over again, and eventually the people you are targeting will believe the lie as truth. But this remains a lie. The celebrity commentators on Fox News and the populist darlings are all telling lies. They are liars. And they are probably fascists because they keep telling the same lies. In their exquisite denial, these losers continue repeating the same lies to themselves and anyone who will listen.

Most of the celebrities on Fox News are fascists and liars and losers. Anyone who believes ten percent of what the Fox News celebrity commentators are saying is supporting fascism and liars and losers. They are fascists and they are liars and they are losers. Dick Morris is a fascist and a liar and a loser. Glenda Beck is a fascist and a liar and a loser. Dick Cheney is a fascist and a liar and a loser without a heartbeat. Karl Rove is a fascist and a liar and a loser. Get the liars and losers and fascists off the air waves. Complain to the sponsors who buy the time for ads. Give the tea baggers the "L" hand sign. Give Murdoch the "L" hand sign. Spread the truth.


Ayna said...

oh Martin. You are very Brave. Thank you for being so.

Christine Gallo said...

I finally found you again! The internet's vast repository of information and writers is a continual delight. Until recently, though, I could rarely return to a place I had visited only days before. My lovely daughters, who, in their 20's, seem to think I am just about ready to be cared for whenever I ask a question about my computer, did manage, oh so patiently, to show me how to "save" or "bookmark" my many discoveries.
Tonight I have the pleasure of reading your pithy and astute observations again. I was particularly delighted to find this blog, and especially enjoyed discovering that you found the perfect nom de guerre for that absolutely horrid Mitch McConnell. "Mr Magoo" is priceless, either that, or he resembles a bassett hound in offense to the poor hounds.
I'll catch up and read your other blogs this weekend, but chose this one first because of my long held antipathy toward FOX and the dammage it is doing to our country. For years I have railed and questioned why there has never been a concerted effort on the part of the Democrats to counter this pervasive evil. Finally, though, I have accepted the ugly truth. Congress and the White House are quite happy with the status quo. Despite what party leaders say, their actions (and voting records) indicate they are supporting corporations and the 1%, and have been for quite some time.
After Ted Kennedy died, I remember Peggy Noonan writing an article or column about him. In it she quoted him as saying something to the effect that everyone in Congress was there to get as much for himself as he/she could, before the gig was up; that the country was a speeding train, heading off the rails, and he was glad he wasns't going to be alive to see the results.
I remember being left feeling very uneasy by that article, and recognizing it as being probably one of the most honest assessments of our country that I had seen in print. Unfortunately, I also think it has come true. Short of moving to Norway or Sweden, where they somehow managed to wrest control of their countries from corporate and 1% control in the early 30's, (in a peaceful manner, no less), there must be other countries that Americans can move to for a better life, much like their ancestors did centuries ago.
This blog is older, so I have taken the liberty of a lengthy response. I look forward to reading more of those you have posted, this weekend. Thank you, again, for a delightful and informative read. I hope this finds you in good health, Uncle, and gearing up for more insightful blogging as Occupy and then the Campaign season begin to occupy the country.
Will this administration ever move to have Justice prosecute Wall Street? You may have already blogged on this subject, so I'll be looking for that tomorrow.
Thank you, again.