Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kristallnacht in our century?

Almost unbelievably, an old Alabama Redneck in a button-down shirt has called on all true Americans to throw rocks through the windows of democratic party offices anywhere in the nation. The other night some like-minded bonehead in upstate New York actually did throw a brick though the front glass at the local democratic party. Other windows were broken in other places across the nation within a day or two.

Tonight Rachel Maddow ran a story on MSNBC about this Redneck. He got the publicity that he wanted through that airing I'm sure. This Redneck got his five minutes of fame. Rachel Maddow was truly disturbed by the guy and his agenda of rocks for democrats and for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Since the Civil war, the American south and west have regrettably given life to many deranged rednecks like this guy. The redneck could even be in government. Like Texas Representative Randy Neugebauer, known as the "Babykiller"screamer. Or the junior Senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn who threatens revenge on any lowly Representative who votes with other House democrats for health care. Those slightly sleazy government rednecks would probably laugh this Redneck off with a "Ho, ho ho." and a "Hah, hah, hah."

Neugebauer would probably say "He's really harmless. Don't worry. No one'll listen to him."

Is that what you would say about the dozens of Branch Davidians in Waco who were killed in the fire begun by their psychotic leader, Koresh.

Or Coburn would probably say "He's just a misguided old farmer. He's not one of those Arab terrorists that Cheney and Bush warned us about."

Is that what you said about Timothy McVeigh, Senator Coburn?

Get real. This Redneck guy is a terrorist, and worse, he is a traitor. This Redneck is as dangerous as the kluxers who murdered the three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964. This Redneck is as deadly as James Earl Ray who murdered Martin Luther King. This Redneck walks and talks and spews revenge just like Timothy McVeigh who bombed the Federal building in Tulsa or Koresh from the cult in Waco. This Redneck rages just like a Brownshirt from the Wiemar Republic just before the National Socialists took over in Germany in the 1930s.

This Redneck is a fascist. He advocates violence against all people of different political beliefs than he. He wants his followers to break windows on the 19th of April. That was the day McVeigh killed all the people in the Tulsa building. This must stop now. His name is Mike Vanderboegh. He lives outside of Birmingham. He has a blog calling for violence just like the brownshirts of Germany did in Kristallnacht in another century.

Please note here that I was born, raised and educated in the American South. I have a New Orleans accent. Many of my forebears were rednecks and farmers. Some were educated and a bit enlightened and some not. Over many years, I have avowed many times my fidelity and love for this legendary part of America.

My Father and five Uncles served in the war that stopped the brownshirts in Europe and their counterparts in Asia. A lot of truly good men died in that war. True heroes and patriots. Later, other brothers and friends of mine were heroes because they put their lives on the line against the rednecks who bombed churches and murdered people in the south in civil rights times.

Where is the FBI? This Redneck is calling for terrorist actions. He and his followers are terrorists who drive pickups and carry pistols for pretense. He and his followers are an atrocity in the making. They must be stopped now.

His name is Mike Vanderboegh. He lives outside of Birmingham. He has a blog calling for violence just like the brownshirts of Germany did in Kristallnacht in another century.

If you want, the FBI's telephone number in Washington is (202) 278-2000.


Joey B. King said...

Good blog Marty.

I'll show you an easy way to prove your point about the Alabama Redneck/Terrorist.

Change 2 things about the incident, and try to guess what the media would report:

What if he was brown-skinned, Muslim instead of a white, Christian?

Remember the white, Christian who crashed the plane into the IRS office in Austin a few weeks ago. The story had a 24-hour news cycle, then it dropped off the radar. What if he had been a brown-skinned Muslim?

There is a US government definition of Terrorism that basically defines terrorism/terrorist as:
"any person(s) and/or group who use violence or the threat of violence to achieve political, social, or religious goals."

That includes the Alabama Redneck, the Austin Plane Bomber, and the US military (of which I am a former member).

Feel free to put this on your comments section


Former-terrorist-who-never- killed-anybody

Joey B King
Member, National Board of Directors
Veterans For Peace

Jerry Hoke said...

On Mar 24, 2010, at 1:40 PM, Jerry Hoke wrote:


God bless you for your humane and shared reaction to the new wave of "hate" mongering that is spreading across this country. But, I think that we must be careful in how we react. I personally take exception to your inclusion of Koresh. and McVeigh with this new abhorrence. Both of these men, when one takes the time to analyze the cases in depth, can be considered to be "victims" of misguided militarist governmental toxic atmosphere that prevailed at the time of their tragic blunders. I would suggest that you think about re-writing your "blog" offering to reflect a fuller understanding of extreme political "action and reaction."

Blessings and peace,
Jerry Hoke
"That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us. . ." John (17:21)