Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard Scrabble Economics Part I

Some Important Questions as a tip of the hat to Carey McWilliams and others:

1) When do corporation-people die?
2) Why do corporation-people pay federal taxes at a lower rate than human-people?
3) Why can a corporation-people deduct any expenses in running the business like golf tee fees and donuts for the jet, and human-people cannot?
4) If a corporation-people kills someone, like Dow chemical did in India in the 1980's, why is a corporation-people shielded from the death penalty?
5) If David Bowie is a corporation-people, and he is, then can he be a non-profit corporation-people?
6) Can the Shiite Sect of the Islamic religion be incorporated as a corporation-people so they can get grant money from TARP just like AIG?
7) If the Shiite corporation-people has two hundred million shareholders, is the Shiite corporation-people too big to fail?
8) If I am a Zoroastrian Fire worshipper can I become a corporation-people, and can I get Goldman-Sachs to help me with an IPO?

Enough for now. There are many, many more questions for this.
What do you all think?

(Admittedly once a benefactor of some of the tax and accounting rules from my ownership of three different corporation-people)

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad - Corporations are people?

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