Saturday, April 4, 2015

Admiral Mike Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen

Last night on Charlie Rose, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen said, “The two things to really worry about in this modern world are number one, Nuclear weapons and number two, Cyber Security.”  

Mullen also noted that we have Putin cornered over Crimea and Ukraine with the sanctions.  "Kiev was the birthplace of modern Russia and Putin is enormously popular all over that nation."  That’s why we need to let diplomacy work on Putin and stop rattling rockets in Russia’s face.  

One more thing from Mullen about the USSR break up in the 1980s and 90s:  the unctuous fake patriots in the White House "gloated."  To help the Russians transition to a capitalist society, the USA and the allies should have put in place a Marshall plan like Truman and Ike did in Germany and Europe after WWII.  Egotists in positions of power rarely see beyond next week in their vanity. 

Maybe this guy should run for President next time.  I don't care what party, as long as it's not republican, I'd vote for him.  It is sickening to see the coverage all of our media gives to the very meager people who are Elmer Gantry's and god fools and fake patriots seeking the oval office.    

Most of the Republican Candidates

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Stephen said...

Wow... and from a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs! I like this guy, if he ran for Pres I would vote for him as well. Thanks M! sda