Monday, January 30, 2012

God and Man at Court

(The Supreme Court of the United States)

For anyone in media, an institution is defined by how it looks. It's almost a throwback to the old right wing cliché: "If it walks like a duck, ... and talks like a duck... it's a duck." That quip was attributed to Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston. And speaking of Catholic people, about twenty-five percent of Americans are Catholic. But about sixty-seven percent of our Supreme Court Justices are Catholic. That's six of the nine total Justices. The remaining three Justices are Jewish. How did this happen that we have such a skewed Catholic majority on the Court? It may be because the United States Senate is skewed to right wing religious dogma like the never-ending story of the evangelical movement to disrupt and repeal the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. The ruling, for the first time in America's history, allowed women to control their own reproductive organs away from the purview of some obese and heavy breathing political creep from Kansas. The Senate of course approves every nominee to the Supreme Court. Many Senate members lately rely on endorsements by those radical evangelical god people who would like to repeal the right to vote for women and return to the rule of old white god people for our nation. America can then be secretly declared pure as the greatest and most powerful theocracy in the history of the world.

Another explanation is that the look of the court is a bit like the Vatican Council of Cardinals in Rome. Like the Vatican Council's relationship with the Catholic Church and the Pope, the Supreme Court has a single special purpose to provide legal consent to the works of the US Congress and the President. Like the President, the Pope governs over the entire church. The Council has a sort of veto over who can govern because they elect the Pope into his white robes. The black robed grand Council guides the church by declarations and fiats to lesser members of the church, but the Pope reigns supreme.

The Second Vatican Council

Like the Cardinals of the Vatican Council, the US Supreme Justices all wear elegant official black robes. Unlike the Vatican Cardinals, nota bene that the Supreme Justices have high chairs that loom above any litigants and observers in their Grand Courtroom. Their high chairs befit the Supreme Justices's essential places of honor and eminence in doing the majestic business of the American constitutional republic. A few years ago a coffle of Supreme Justices wrote the Citizens United decision invalidating an enacted law of the lesser and misinformed US Congress concerning money in US elections. Hopefully someday soon Citizens United will be looked upon as the Plessy vs. Ferguson of it's day. But pro tempore, Corporations are people.

We all know that Corporations and their private jets are not people. It is patently absurd that the American legal system has kept the lie of corporate citizenship as truth. Compare this decision to the ancient works of Cardinals in Rome to determine the exact number of angels who can sit on the tip of a needle. Or precisely how some poor penitent must be burned at the stake. Both Thomas and Scalia appear to have bias in both the Citizens United and the pending Affordable Care Act (ACA) cases. No other Justices as far as I can find have attended political events sponsored by financiers like the Koch Brothers. 

The operative word here is "Appearanc­­e" of bias. Thomas and Scalia "appear" to have bias because of their close associatio­­n with parties advocating a particular side of a question before the court. Last winter Thomas visited with the Koch Brothers in Rancho Mirage Palm Springs, California, and apparently Scalia went hunting on the Brothers tab in Colorado. The Koch Brothers finance dozens of radical right wing causes including paying for the pitiful Huckabee ads on cable TV to abolish the ACA.

Appearance of Bias. Go look it up on the American Bar Associatio­n (ABA) site under Judicial and Legal Ethics:"Canon 9 of the ABA Model Code concerning the appearance of profession­­­al impropriety." Then look up Judicial and Legal Ethics at Cornell University­­. Almost like the recent pederasts in the Catholic priesthood, there's no rules of ethics for our omnipotent Supreme Court. And there's no power in our government to tell the Justices to get some bare ethics code. Perhaps we should all pray to guarantee goodness in the hearts of our Justices.

Justice Scalia is obviously a very charming and political person. He bravely goes on hunts for deer and ducks in the wilderness. He defiantly transplants shoots of dark hair to conceal his widow's peak and preserve his youth. Justice Scalia stated once that "The Constitution is a static being." Does this mean Justice Scalia is declaring stare decisis dead? In short, stare decisis is the basic premise in English common law like our system that past legal decisions must be relied upon for future legal decisions. If the Supreme Court does not follow legal precedent then it may be stepping on the legislative powers of the US Congress. The media calls this judicial activism. So what was the Court doing in Citizens United? No other decision in SCOTUS history has more "Dynamic," as opposed to "Static," implication than this one. This Citizens United edict was certainly radical judicial activism. Perhaps Justice Scalia would like to explain what he meant by "Static" in his speech. Or would he defer to FoxFake News for counsel.

Finally, where did Chief Justice Roberts get his promised-at-confirmation stare decisis for Citizen's United? The Council of Orange? Our nation's legal system has been transformed into a theocracy with the highest grace bestowed on the corporation because the individual is warped by original sin.

The Seal

There's an old saying that the trouble with any organization starts at the top. Just like the Catholic religion, our American Republic has three tops. In Catholicism, god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost are the theological triple. In the US, we have the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial triple. The US Congress is apparently the best money can buy. And to get elected to the highest Executive offices takes even greater bags of money than the Congress.

Because of the money, there's no recourse for regular people except to pray to god for change. Change to repent our sins and become more godlike in our dire lives in the dark ages of our Democracy. So we turn to SCOTUS. The Supreme Court appears to be an angelic council of inspired saintly prelates who have the nod of a humane god. Certainly the Supreme Court and their leader Roberts have given no quarter to any humanity in their fiats. Only god and private jets get their precise notice.

The Emblem of the Papacy


Lewis Schoenbrun said...

Great blog Martin. Keep in mind that 33% of the court is Jewish and we only comprise 0.25% of the entire US population.

Lewis Schoenbrun said...

Martin I stand corrected. The correct percentage is 2.1%. Still rather remarkable.

Tom Tom Slocum said...

Thank you Martin Pitts. Excellente !!!

Martinshushu said...

My religion does not allow me to pay anyone who works for my corporation more than US$5.00 per hour and no overtime add-on. It really does. It is in my new bible. I can print one and show you the truth. My religion is called the Anti-American bible-belt radical christians... the ABRC! said...

Great piece ShuShu. I'm going to forward it to all the lawyers and judges I well to some of the little people.

Martinshushu said...

In today's New York Times, 09/01/2014, a story reveals that some important information used by the Justices of SCOTUS in making their decisions was submitted by various corporations and lobbyists and religious organizations. The appearance of bias is sadly clear and incisive. Even Scalia admitted the sources are “untested judicial fact-finding masquerading as statutory interpretation.” < >